Sharon Osbourne criticizes Joy Behar for making an insensitive comment about her marriage by referring to her as “Cray-Cray.

Sharon Osbourne is criticizing Joy Behar, who referred to her as “Cray-Cray,” for previously making demeaning remarks about her marriage.

According to reports, The co-host of The View, Joy Behar allegedly made a rude comment to Osbourne at an event several years ago, which has caused tension between the two since then. Osbourne has been vocal about her dislike of Behar, stating that she is not a fan of her.

Osbourne attacks During her stint on the CBS program The Talk, Behar revealed to Fox News that she used to watch The View every day in her dressing room and that, while like Whoopi Goldberg and “loving” Sara Haines, she has a serious issue with Behar, who serves as their co-host.
Sharon Osbourne felt disrespected by Joy Behar’s comments about her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne, whom Sharon has been married to for 40 years. Joy, on the other hand, has been through a difficult divorce and is currently in her second marriage, which has lasted for just over 10 years. Sharon was tempted to call Joy “jealous” but refrained from doing so, while also stating that she thinks Joy is a bit crazy.

Osbourne Discusses The View’
Sharon Osbourne stated that she has never been asked to join The View, despite her extensive experience in television. However, she expressed that even if she were offered the opportunity, she would not be interested. She joked that her personality may clash with the other hosts, and she could envision herself telling everyone to “shut up.” Sharon Osbourne does not seem keen on the idea of joining The View.

Osbourne praised The View’s high ratings and expressed her desire to achieve similar success. However, she was abruptly fired by CBS in the past year when she defended Piers Morgan against accusations of racism for criticizing Meghan Markle. This incident made Osbourne realize why many Americans have lost faith in the mainstream media.

“I Wouldn’t trust CBS as far as I could throw them,” she said.
Osbourne demonstrated her lack of trust in the network. She also has a fight with CNN host Don Lemon, whose public criticism of her actions that resulted in her termination from CBS enraged him. Osbourne appears to have had unpleasant interactions with the media and may have lost faith in their capacity to report accurately. This draws attention to a bigger problem of the public’s declining trust in the media and the requirement for journalism accountability.

She recalled that he never asked for a price estimate. “He never requested to make a statement, and then he turned against me. And I admired him greatly.
“He used to do the New Year’s Eve show, and he would get drunk and he’d be in clubs, and I thought he was a hoot. I really did,” Osbourne recounted. “But, I just thought, “He used to perform the New Year’s Eve show, and I thought he was hilarious because he would get wasted and go out to clubs. I actually did,” Osbourne said. Yet since that is your responsibility, I simply thought, “How foolish of you not to ask the other side. You must act in that way. I decided that I would not watch you on New Year’s Eve again.
The New Docuseries of Osbourne On her four-part Fox Nation docuseries Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back, fans may learn more about Osbourne.

Regardless of one’s personal opinions on Sharon Osbourne or Joy Behar, it’s important to remember that these are human beings with feelings and emotions. While it can be tempting to criticize and insult them from behind the safety of a computer screen, it’s important to remember that we should always treat others with respect and empathy, even if we disagree with their views or actions.
Overall, The controversy surrounding Joy Behar and Sharon Osbourne highlights the sometimes petty and catty nature of daytime talk shows. While it’s important to engage in lively discussions and debates, we should always remember to treat others with respect and empathy, even if we don’t agree with them. As for Sharon Osbourne, she remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

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