Tammy from ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ achieves milestone in her weight loss journey

Tammy Slaton, star of the TLC reality show “1000-Lb Sisters,” has shared new photos displaying a remarkable weight loss that has made her fans incredibly proud. The 36-year-old had left viewers worried after the show’s third season ended on a cliffhanger where she was hospitalized due to serious health issues, including difficulty breathing while undergoing treatment at a weight loss facility.

As the fourth season of the show began, it was evident that Tammy’s weight was a major health concern, and her brother had stressed that she needed to undergo surgery to avoid risking her life. Tammy appears to have taken her family’s advice to heart, as she has recently revealed photos that exhibit her impressive weight loss progress.

During the latest season of the show, Tammy managed to achieve her weight loss goal, dropping from 717 lbs to 534 lbs, and expressed pride in her accomplishment. Despite not being an avid social media user, Tammy has been keeping her fans updated on her weight loss journey by sharing several pictures of herself that demonstrate the significant change she has undergone. Fans of the show and Tammy’s followers on social media have expressed their admiration for her resilience and dedication to improving her health.


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Following Tammy Slaton’s remarkable weight loss journey, her fans have been showing their admiration and support for her recent achievement. This outpouring of encouragement is especially meaningful for Tammy, who experienced a significant health scare last year.

Numerous supporters have utilized social media to celebrate Tammy’s accomplishments, with one individual noting, “Tammy, you’ve shown many of us that we were wrong. Keep it up, and congratulations,” while another remarked, “I believe I am speaking for everyone when I say that we are incredibly proud of you.”

A third comment reads, “Yes, everyone is so proud of you. Never give up and keep taking care of yourself and lose [sic] the weight you need to. It’s easy to get comfortable and go back to your old habits, but I believe in you. You look so awesome and have another chance at life. Keep up the good work.”

According to reports, Tammy has lost approximately 300 lbs in total and has fully embraced a new lifestyle focused on improving her health. This achievement is highlighted by photos shared on Southern Indiana Combat Production’s Facebook page, which depict Tammy and her younger sister Amy holding a belt.

Tammy’s determination to overcome her weight struggles and her recent success in doing so have inspired her fans, who continue to show their support and encouragement as she moves forward on her journey towards improved health and well-being.

Tammy’s story has resonated with many people who also struggle with their weight and health. Through her honesty and openness about her struggles, Tammy has become an inspiration to many who are trying to improve their health and lose weight.

Despite her health issues, Tammy has found love with 39-year-old Caleb Willingham. The couple got married at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio, as reported by People. Their love story has touched the hearts of many, and fans have been rooting for Tammy and Caleb’s happiness.

Tammy’s journey is far from over, and her fans continue to support and encourage her. We admire Tammy’s determination to improve her health and wish her all the best as she continues working towards her goals.

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