Target’s Response to Sweater Controversy Sparks Debate on Offensiveness in Fashion

In this day and age, society has become quite sensitive to things that were once considered ordinary. Some of these sensitive reactions are justified, while others may seem over-exaggerated. It is up to each person to decide on whether or not they agree with the reaction of the young woman in the following story. Reign Murphy, who is a frequent shopper at the Target store, went to go shopping one day. While browsing through the numerous items, she came across a red sweater that caught her eye. However, when she picked it up to take a closer look, she was shocked and appalled by what it read.

The sweater had the words “OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder” printed on it. As someone who has been diagnosed with OCD, something that an estimated 2.2 million Americans suffer from, she was deeply offended. Reign believed that the store should not mock such a serious disorder. She took to Twitter and shared a photo of the sweater, which quickly garnered a lot of attention from people who shared her sentiments. The issue received mixed feedback, with some individuals thinking that the message was not disrespectful or hurtful, despite having OCD themselves. Target, the store that sold the sweater, was quick to respond to the issue. Target spokesperson, Jessica Carlson, apologized to anyone who was offended by the product while stating that they would not stop selling it. This is not the first time that the store has faced negative feedback regarding their merchandise. In the past, they have been criticized for selling items with “offensive” designs such as shirts with signatures such as “bride,” “trophy,” and “Mrs.” According to one person who spoke on this topic, these types of designs suggest that women can be bought or sold. In conclusion, it’s important for individuals to be mindful of the messages they send through their products. Not everyone will react the same way to certain things, and it’s vital to respect everyone’s perspective. Do you have an opinion on this matter? Check out the video below and share your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Target’s Response to Sweater Controversy Sparks Debate on Offensiveness in Fashion”

  1. Get Over it Lady….. This Country is Sooooo Sensitive over Bullshit like this… You Should Be In Washington Raising Hell By What Politicians are doing with American Tax Dollars in other Countries, and the Huge Salaries they are Getting , NOT including Bribes from Big Corp’s.
    R.A. Beeson

  2. I agree with Target. “Get over it.” I have OCD and it didn’t offend me. We all need to stop over acting. Sometimes we take and see things differently – and that’s ok. This is life and life is short. Enjoy the ride!!!

  3. Get over it snowflake. I’m OCD and not bothered at all. Stop looking for your 15 seconds of fame and live.

  4. Good grief.
    If you’re going to be offended by every little thing, your life is going to be awfully hard and unmanageable – knock it off.
    You are not the Center of the Universe.

  5. Keep selling the item. People are always trying to make a big deal out of the wrong things but don’t make a big deal out of things that they should like women being betrayed as sex objects instead of people or how about all the commercials that talk about women’s personal and physical appearances. You don’t see anyone talking about men like they do women. Grow up and stop trying to play victim

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