Teenagers are covering their eyes with bleach-filled bags in an effort to change the color of their eyes.

Using bleach and other dangerous substances to change eye color is the latest trend among teenagers. The well-known app TikTok, which has become extremely popular worldwide, especially among young people, seems to be where the movement started.

One of the most alarming aspects of this trend is the use of common household cleaning products such as bleach, which can seriously damage the eyes and even lead to permanent blindness.

A chlorine-based cleaning agent, known as bleach, is effective in removing stubborn stains from materials used on carpets, upholstery, clothing, etc. Although it is not a toy, it is misused, as with many other things.

Tic Tok is an app currently available that many teenagers think is incredibly cool and radical. Teenagers like this kind of app because they are easily offended by anything new, unusual or even slightly edgy.

Many teenagers believe that they are immortal beings who will never perish, hence what they call a lack of awareness of mortality. Apps like Tic Tok often take off due to teenagers being overly interested in the issue, because teenagers are also prone to “star threat” so they are always pretending to be the next big rock star on the horizon.

It’s a cute fad, but like all fads, it will pass and be replaced by another cool thing. Some people mix shaving cream and chlorine bleach, put it in a plastic bag, and apply it to their face right next to their eyes while they wait. The bag is supposed to magically change color when brought close to the eye.

What a pity that children are just children, they are weak and lack an inner awareness of mortality. Teenagers all over the world are using the new Tic Tok app to catch the latest raves, create, watch, and like videos and become the next big online stars while having fun and enjoying their lives.

Almost 500 million people use the video application on social networks. Are there any crazier teen issues coming up? Maybe.

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