“The executives at NBC are regretting renewing Jimmy Fallon’s contract as Greg Gutfeld’s late-night show gains more popularity, delivering bad news for Fallon”

Many believed that Gutfeld’s show would never be able to surpass established late-night giants such as Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s The Tonight Show. Meanwhile, NBC bosses are reportedly regretting their decision to renew Fallon’s contract as Gutfeld continues to lead the nightly ratings.

According to a recent report, NBC executives deeply regret extending Greg Gutfeld’s $80 million deal now that he is the late-night rating king. Even without woke warriors like Jimmy Fallon, Greg Gutfeld’s show often outperforms many other late-night programming options. Fallon isn’t even cheerful, to be honest. In my opinion, by this time next year, many of the network’s late-night programs may look very different.

After all, frequent vigils result in financial ruin. Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld beats Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ in ratings, NBC execs regret paying him $80M contract extension: Sources The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Loses Rating Battle to FOX News Opponent By Greg Gutfeld and Sinking Ratings TV disaster has NBC executives regretting it.

The Tonight Show is drawing just 1.3 million viewers, or less than half of Gutfeld’s promoted audience, nearly 19 months after the Peacock Network gave Fallon a massive five-year, $80 million contract extension!
But compared to Fallon’s well-known debut, this number is even more surprising! The 48-year-old former Jay Leno stand-in on Saturday Night Live first attracted a remarkable 11 million viewers. Yet Stephen Colbert’s CBS Late Show is now beating him in the ratings as well!

According to a source, NBC regrets the comedian’s expensive long-term contract, adding, “The network realizes the days of tens of millions of viewers of The Tonight Show are over, but they counted on Jimmy to do more than this!”

One thing’s for sure, though: Greg Gutfeld’s exit is changing the nighttime landscape significantly. And it looks like he might just be the host that audiences are looking for these days, with his show’s unapologetic rejection of woke culture and focus on humor that appeals to a broad spectrum of viewers.

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