The son of Kathie Lee Gifford marks his first Thanksgiving with a baby who brought joy after losing his father.

Cody Gifford, son of Kathia Lee Gifford and her late husband Frank Gifford, began a new chapter in his life with the birth of his first child, Frank “Frankie” Gifford Jr. The young couple celebrated their first Thanksgiving as a family of three, sharing adorable pictures of their son on social media. Despite the joy of this new addition to the family, Cody’s mother admitted that the loss of his father still affects him deeply.

On November 24, 2022, Cody Gifford and his wife Erika Gifford celebrated their first Thanksgiving with their adorable baby boy, Frank “Frankie” Gifford Jr. The couple shared pictures of their baby on social media on the occasion.

In the cutest close-up photo, which sister-in-law Kathie Lee Gifford posted as an Instagram story, the baby’s lips were open. It appears that Tiny Frank Jr. he’s up for some holiday food!

Additionally, Cody’s wife shared two cute photos of their son on Instagram as he was decked out in tails and a turkey for Thanksgiving. In the first picture, Frank Jr. foot in his mouth, but the other shows his cute tongue!

The cub’s mother claimed that their real and figurative hearts and plates were already full. In any case, she claimed, “They gobbled up this little turkey.”

On August 9, 2015, Frank Sr. left suddenly and destroyed his family. His family was shocked when he died suddenly and had to deal with the tragedy and their own grief.

By the time he was 25, Cody saw his father as a great role model and was motivated to emulate him. Erica’s soccer player-husband went to the University of Southern California.

Wellington According to Mara, former co-owner of the New York Giants, Frank Sr. the kind of son every parent wishes they had. Mara described Cody’s father as the father any young man would want to have.

Echoing Mara’s sentiments, Cody expressed his “non-words” delight that Frank Sr. Besides being her father, his sister called him “the legend”, the kindest person she had ever met.

Frank’s Srwife was shocked to learn that her grandson would be named after him, despite his children’s affection for him. Reactions to the name were made by the previous co-host of “Danas”.

In 2022, Kathie Lee, who will be 69, admitted she didn’t know her grandson would carry her late husband’s name.

The former TV personality acknowledged that Cody’s grief over his father’s passing will likely be overwhelming. The late star’s son lost her when he was a young child and Kathie Lee noted what a hero he was and still is.

Cody’s mother shared the joy of her son’s birth on Instagram. She was looking forward to a completely new, glorious phase of her life.

Cody’s mother Kathie Lee acknowledged the sadness her son still feels over the loss of his father, Frank Gifford, despite the joy of this new addition to the family. With his reputation for kindness, generosity, and compassion, Frank Sr. had a lasting impression on his descendants and grandchildren. Baby Frankie’s arrival has given the family new cause for celebration and hope, and they eagerly expect him to flourish.

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