Tiger Woods has refuted claims of an “oral tenancy agreement” that purportedly granted his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman five years of residency in his home.

Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer, has denied reports of an “oral lease” with his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman, who allegedly gave her a five-year stay at his home. The news broke earlier this week and caused an uproar among the golf community and fans of the athlete.

The trust that owns Tiger Woods’ Florida home is being challenged in court by Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman. Herman claims the trust tricked her into thinking she and Woods had made a quick getaway before locking her out of the home they shared.

Herman claims she and the trust had an “oral lease” that would have given her another five years to live in the house.

The claim was dismissed by a lawyer representing the trust. They explained: “Ms. Herman was given permission by Mr. Woods to stay at the Residence as his guest while they were dating. There was never an oral lease agreement between Ms. Herman and Mr. Woods. Additionally, there was never a signed lease between Ms. Herman and Mr. Woods or the Trust.”

“Mr. Woods never conveyed to Ms. Herman any ownership interest or rights to hold the House,” the statement added.

The trust also said that Woods provided money to Herman to help her find a new place to live and that he put her up at a “luxury resort” after they broke up.

The survey results are as follows: Tiger Woods apologizes to Tampon Justin Thomas Herman after taking advice from a golf rival and also asked that the 2017 NDA she signed with Woods be revoked while playing. According to rumors, Woods is worried about the potential facts Herman can provide. According to the source, “She’s aware of his fear about it because they’ve discussed it. There’s a lot of panics right now.”

Despite the challenges Woods has faced in recent months, he remains one of the most successful and influential athletes in the world. With 15 major championships.

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