Tom Cruise Skips Oscars to Avoid Awkward Encounter with Ex-Wife Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise’s absence at the 2023 Oscars ceremony, despite being nominated for six awards, including Best Picture for Top Gun: Maverick, has left many wondering why he chose not to attend. Initial speculation suggested a scheduling conflict due to Cruise currently filming Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part II in the UK. However, a new rumor has emerged that claims his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, may have been the reason for his absence.

According to reports, it was known beforehand that Cruise would not attend the 95th Academy Awards ceremony. It was decided that if Top Gun: Maverick were to win Best Picture, the award would be accepted by producer Jerry Bruckheimer on stage. The film was nominated for six awards in total, including Writing (Adapted Screenplay), Film Editing, Sound, Music (Original Song), and Visual Effects, ultimately winning Best Sound.

While Cruise’s absence may be disappointing for fans, the rumour-mill continues to spin with possible reasons for his decision. Some speculate that his dedication to work and putting it ahead of all else is the reason, while others suggest that his past relationship with Kidman may have played a role. Regardless of the reason, Cruise’s choice not to attend the Oscars has certainly generated plenty of buzz in the entertainment industry.

When Tom Cruise didn’t appear at the Oscars where his film, “Top Gun: Maverick,” was nominated for six awards, including Best Picture, many people wondered why he wasn’t there. While it was initially suggested that Cruise was absent due to his filming schedule, recent reports suggest that he chose not to attend to avoid his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman. The rumors surfaced after a source revealed that Cruise had decided to stay at home to “avoid an awkward run-in” with Kidman, who also attended the event. Cruise and Kidman, who once made up one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples, met on the set of “Days of Thunder” in 1990 and adopted two children during their relationship, but they ended their marriage in 2001 in a highly-publicized divorce. Despite their separation being over 20 years ago, the source claimed that Cruise didn’t want to see Kidman at the Oscars.

According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, an anonymous source disclosed that Cruise did not attend the Oscars because he did not want to see Kidman, with whom he had an acrimonious divorce over 20 years ago. The source stated that Cruise wanted to avoid an awkward run-in with his ex-wife.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were initially introduced on the set of the 1990 motion picture “Days of Thunder” and became one of the most influential pairs in the entertainment industry. During their marriage, they adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. However, their relationship ended in 2001, with Cruise awarded custody of both kids after the divorce. Rumors have long circulated that Kidman’s reluctance to join the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a prominent member, played a part in their separation.

The report of Cruise’s avoidance of Kidman during the Oscars raises questions about the former couple’s current relationship. Some believe that it’s possible Cruise decided not to attend the ceremony to avoid any awkwardness, while others are skeptical and believe it’s just hearsay spun by Cruise’s detractors. Nonetheless, the allegations have stirred discussions online, with many sharing their opinions on the matter.

According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, Cruise chose to stay home to “avoid an awkward run-in” with Kidman. The former power couple split over 20 years ago, but their differences seem to persist. They first met on the set of Days of Thunder in 1990 and went on to adopt two children, Isabella and Connor. Their 2001 divorce shocked the world, with Cruise taking both children with him. It has been widely speculated that Kidman’s refusal to join the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a high-profile member, led to their split.

Lady Gaga made a last-minute decision to attend the Oscars and perform her Top Gun: Maverick single, “Hold My Hand,” while Cruise was absent. The Daily Mail’s source claims that Cruise avoided the event to steer clear of Kidman’s presence. However, it’s unclear whether this claim is true or just a tall tale spun by Cruise’s detractors.

Despite their split, Cruise and Kidman have always spoken positively about one another. However, it seems that their past may still be affecting Cruise’s present decisions. Fans of the couple will undoubtedly be speculating about their relationship and whether they’ll ever be able to put their differences aside.

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