Valerie Bertinelli Celebrates Divorce in Europe after She Won Right Not to Pay $50K a Month to Ex

Valerie Bertinelli’s European Celebration of Freedom after Winning the Right to Avoid Paying $50K Monthly to Ex in Divorce Settlement

Valerie Bertinelli, the celebrated actress, recently announced that she is newly and happily divorced from her ex-husband Tom Vitale. After a year-long wait, Bertinelli’s lawyer finally called her to inform her that the paperwork was ready to be filed. In her excitement, she took to Twitter to share the news with her fans.

To celebrate her newfound status, Bertinelli flew to Europe to spend Thanksgiving with her loved ones and her new son, Wolfgang Van Halen. This trip was undoubtedly a welcome break from the stresses of the divorce proceedings.

Bertinelli had filed for divorce from Vitale in May 2021 in the Los Angeles Superior Court, after ten years of marriage. However, Vitale tried to block Bertinelli from seeking spousal support, which she was entitled to under their prenuptial agreement. He then demanded $50,000 per month and $200,000 in legal fees, despite the agreement they had signed before getting married.

After a long and drawn-out court battle, Bertinelli emerged victorious, with the judge ruling that she would not have to pay Vitale the $50,000 per month that he had requested. However, she will still have to pay him a large sum of money as part of the divorce settlement.

Notwithstanding the divorce settlement, Bertinelli is feeling relieved and content to have finally parted ways with Vitale. This marks a new beginning for her, and she can now concentrate on moving forward and planning for her future. Her trip to Europe served as a joyful commemoration of this new phase in her life, as well as an opportunity to bond with her close family and friends.

Valerie Bertinelli has reportedly come to a settlement agreement with her former husband Tom Vitale, as per court documents acquired by ET. The documents reveal that Bertinelli will be paying Vitale a sum of $2.2 million, which will resolve all issues between them. It is important to note that this payment is separate from the $500,000 that Bertinelli had already given to Vitale on May 24. Although the amount might seem like a substantial sum, Bertinelli has the capacity to make full payment within 4.5 years. In comparison to paying $50,000 per month, which would have cost her more in the long term, this agreement is more feasible.

Despite having to pay such a large settlement amount, Bertinelli is in high spirits and thrilled to have finally achieved freedom. The finalization of her divorce comes at the right time, as it coincides with the Thanksgiving season, giving the Food Network star more reasons to be grateful.

Currently, Bertinelli is enjoying her newfound singlehood in Italy with her family. Based on her Instagram stories, she’s having a great time in Milan, where she has already met up with her brother Patrick Bertinelli, her son Wolfgang Van Halen, and his fiancée, Andrea Allsop. The Signed, Sealed, Delivered star has been sharing pictures of herself having a wonderful time with her son and his fiancée, including one of the trio smiling for the camera. In another image, she shared a sweet photo of Wolfgang and Allsop, with the words “grateful, grateful, and blessed.”

The third video in the actress’s Instagram stories captures her enjoying a glass of wine with her brother Patrick, who affectionately kisses her on the temple. The fourth clip features a meaningful message from the star, where she emphasizes the importance of prioritizing oneself and cutting ties with toxic people without feeling the need to explain oneself. The empowering message serves as a reminder for viewers to prioritize their well-being and focus on their own happiness.

Valerie Bertinelli is eagerly anticipating a fresh start in life, and her family and friends have been providing her with love and support, which she is grateful for. She has a positive outlook on the future and is thoroughly enjoying her newfound freedom.

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