Walmart to Discontinue Self-Checkout Machines in Favor of “Scan and Go” Technology

Walmart has recently announced its decision to discontinue the use of self-checkout machines in their stores. The company has instead introduced a new technology called “Scan and Go,” which allows customers to scan items using their mobile devices while shopping and pay as they leave. The move is aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience by reducing wait times at checkout.

Although the company’s initial intention was to reduce costs, Walmart realized that self-checkout machines were not as convenient for customers as they had hoped. Many customers found the technology to be confusing and no faster than traditional checkout lines. As a result, Walmart will be hiring more cashiers to improve the customer shopping experience.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve our customers’ shopping experience, and this move is part of our continued investment in our stores,” said Ray Korsch, a Walmart marketing manager.

Randy Parraz, a director with Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), commented that Walmart’s decision to discontinue the use of self-checkout machines was a positive move. “Eliminating cashiers does not result in a more convenient shopping experience,” Parraz said.

Overall, Walmart’s decision to prioritize customer experience over cost-cutting measures is a positive step. The company’s move towards hiring more cashiers will help improve the shopping experience for its customers, making it a more pleasant and convenient experience.

14 thoughts on “Walmart to Discontinue Self-Checkout Machines in Favor of “Scan and Go” Technology”

  1. Make sure you hire “Customer Friendly” people!!! Some of your cashiers are down right nasty to other people!

  2. A lot of older people are not computer friendly, or smart phone friendly. I am 85 years old, and I don’t understand all this. I didn’t realize that I was so far behind technology, but I am. Now I am having problems catching up, it is harder as we age..

    1. Rebecca J Donaldson

      If you are handicapped and can’t stand or walk well it really hurts to stand in a long line. I guess you are not ever around people with disablilites or you would have never said that? I have left my basket full of groceries and went home because of the time I would have to stand.

  3. Jean Dusenberry

    I stopped shopping at Walmart a long long time ago. They definitely are NOT customer friendly, and I got tired of nastiness from some of the Walmart personnel. The self-checkout was the nail in the coffin for me. No way was I going to shop for a cart full of groceries and then check myself out AND bag the stuff. I now shop exclusively at a major competitor in our area and am treated with respect and dignity. How refreshing!!

    1. Amen!
      We seldom shop there. Don’t like the whole concept. All the Mom & POP stores who lost their livelihood when Walmart came here. personnel has to put up with a lot of nastiness from customers also; I have heard from a couple relatives who work there. i know it won’t happen; but I sure miss the days of customer SERVICE! Remember???

  4. I hope you have at least 2empoloyees in each dept to help people who does not have the following .
    3.A EMAIL
    Because my dad has a reg flip phone(84) my (81 smart phone no e mail) and i am 61 with all 3 and half the time it will not take the user name or password.

  5. Self-Checkout is ok, but I don’t want to be line at the door to go out for the person to mark my receipt i hate that!!!! And the new thing coming is scan and go like Amazon wow!

  6. This is garbage!!! Their scan and go is trash! They hound you and go through your groceries after you paid. They should do away with all of this and go back to cashiers. I’m sick of doing my own bagging and ringing up things. This place doesn’t pay me to do it and I don’t get a discount for it. Walmart is trash and I refuse to shop there.

  7. cant stand self checkouts very little help at them no customer service and i don’t work for you
    if i wanted to check my self out i can sit at home and order on line but i like to pick out my own items
    open up more tills than just one and forcing us to used self check outs i avoid your store because of this
    no customer service any more i would rather go some where else where they have customer service

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