We want your requests for ‘Victor Newman’

Eric Braeden, 82, most popular for his depiction of tycoon Victor Newman on The Youthful and the Anxious, imparted to his fans that he has been determined to have the disease as of late.

He gained the staggering conclusion while recuperating from a knee-substitution medical procedure.

As uncovered in his 13-minute Facebook Live meeting on Friday, Braeden, who is quite possibly of the most popular entertainers on daytime TV, experienced prostate issues which ended up being a disease. “While recovering from the knee medical procedure, I started to dislike my prostate,” he said. “I would rather not be this individual, however, I figure this might be great for a few more established folks who could conceivably pay attention to this. It’ll happen to them.”

Specialists had the option to eliminate the malignant growth during a UroLift medical procedure, a therapy choice for harmless prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and the German-conceived entertainer is presently going through a six-week immunotherapy plan.

“I’m somewhat sick, yet not exactly much,” he uncovered. “I’ve advanced now to pay attention to my body more and not go hard and fast. I will get it. Also, I’ll be in excellent condition again soon.

“I will lick this,” Braeden proceeded. “This charlatan won’t get me; I will get it.”

With respect to his job on The Youthful and the Fretful, which he has held for more than 40 years, Braeden said it makes all the difference for him. “So that is where I’m at this moment,” he said. “I love acting, I engage individuals. I love your help. Thus, at whatever point you have somebody in the family who goes through this, support them. It can end up working. These days, there is such a lot of headway in malignant growth treatment, you can endure it.”

Addressing Amusement Week by week, Braeden made sense of that acting occupies him from the medical problems and that he’s cheerful when he realizes he engages individuals.

At the point when he originally handled the job in the series, his personality should be a visitor character who was to keep going for eight to twelve weeks, however he has developed into the drama’s driving male figure.

We wish Eric Braeden hands down the best life brings and we truly want to believe that he defeats the medical problems he’s going through.

3 thoughts on “We want your requests for ‘Victor Newman’”

  1. Martha Casterline

    I am so moved by your optimism and strength . Not only strength of the body but of the mind too ! I know that you will be alright. I have faith and I will pray for you. God bless you sir. I enjoy your work and look forward to seeing your work again. Thank you ….. Martha

  2. I was diagnosed during gallbladder surgery at the age of 74 years, with ovarian/peritoneal cancer stage 3C. There were no symptoms at all up to that time. After 24 chemoes, surgery (again), and 11 mos. of worry and sickness beyond belief later, I was given the all clear and rang the cancer free bell!!
    It’s been 3 yrs. and 5 mos. still CANCER FREE!
    Cancer knows no gender, age, race or anything else. If it wasn’t for God making me have gallbladder surgery, I would be dead today! I give God all the praise and glory for pulling me through!
    Stay strong, stay positive, stay faithful in your prayers and know God is in control. I knew from day one at the start, I had a big fight on my hands but God brought me out the winner!
    My family has a lot of cancer in it and most with multiple cases. My Mother-3, my sister-3, my grandmothers-2 times It even took my oldest child, David at 45 years. David and my sister died from pancreatic cancer, I had ovarian/peritoneal cancer, two of the deadliest with no symptoms till too late. My sister died 9 days after diagnoses. David gone and my life changed after 7 mos 6 days.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Just consider this a “hiccup” in life’s journey. God will watch over and protect you. God bless and keep you safe. My prayers go with you. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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