When a man first met his fiancée, she was pregnant. He later became the father of another man’s child, which led to internet criticism.

Navigating a new relationship can be challenging, but for one man, it was even more challenging when he finally met the woman of his dreams, only to find out he was expecting her.

When Caroline Oliveira, a Brazilian, first met Edgar Costa, she had no idea she was expecting a child. She was simply delighted to meet a man who shared her values ​​and wanted to start a family, but she had no idea that it would happen sooner than she expected.

She talked about how her previous relationships upset her and how she prayed to God to send her someone who would treat her with kindness.

The agent said that after she was tired of being abused and humiliated by a partnership that could not see her for who she was or did not give her hope and confidence, she prayed to God to send her a man who would act like a lady, appreciate her and share her desire to start a family.

She met Edgar but didn’t know he was “the one”.

Many would have accepted if Edgar had decided to end it, but instead, he chose to stay with Caroline and help her raise a child that wasn’t his. Edgar was shocked to find out that Caroline was pregnant.
Edgar and Caroline grew more and more in love, and Edgar saw life with Caroline worth fighting for, even though Caroline was pregnant. Costa said he just happened to fall in love with a pregnant woman.

Edgar was ecstatic to find Caroline and not knowing the response he would get, shared his happiness on social media. Unfortunately, he added, some kind and encouraging comments were interspersed with unfavorable remarks. He didn’t understand why there was such intense animosity because the majority were men.

Even though his friends and family warned him against getting close to Caroline, Costa didn’t care because he felt.
It was all so natural, he said, and when he saw it, he was already emotionally invested in taking care of them and doing everything he could.

They were thrilled when little Lara was born as they hoped to marry by the end of 2021. Costa added: “He’s in love with these two people and he’s going to do everything in his power to help them.”

Caroline, on the other hand, expressed her appreciation for having Carlos by her side throughout the birth.
She thanks God for always having this amazing person by her side, helping her, motivating her, and inspiring her. It would have been much harder to get through all of this without him.

He thanks her for letting him assist in the birth but is especially happier because this time he hugged her and stayed by her side.
We think this couple’s story is amazing and there is nothing wrong with Carlos Caroline loving and adopting another man’s child; it shows bravery, bravery, and – most importantly – unconditional love.
We hope for a bright future for them.

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  1. I say good for him. I did it and raised my daughter from out the womb, she is my daughter and will never deny her, my blood does not need to be in her veins to be mine, till this day I’m dad and grand dad to her 4 youngans also bio dad is out the picture she told him to never contact her.

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