Whoopi Goldberg barred from the Oscars: Inside the controversy

Whoopi Goldberg, an EGOT winner, was turned away from the Oscars red carpet by the show’s producer, Joe Barron. Barron confronted Goldberg and asked her to leave, citing her past controversial statements about Jews and white people as the reason for her exclusion.

Goldberg has been attending the Oscars despite being removed from the academy’s list three years ago, ignoring requests to not do so. According to Barron, the show’s producers have been attempting to contact Goldberg via email, but she has not responded.

Reports suggest that Oprah Winfrey tried to intervene on Goldberg’s behalf, but Barron remained firm in his decision. Barron also stated that Goldberg had a reputation for threatening to create a scene if she wasn’t allowed entry.

The incident has caused a stir in Hollywood, with many people taking sides and debating whether Goldberg should have been allowed to attend the Oscars. Some have criticized her for her past controversial statements, while others have defended her right to attend the event. Despite the controversy, Goldberg remains a highly respected and accomplished performer in the entertainment industry.

A report from Hollywood Today claims that Whoopi Goldberg stopped at a 7-11 convenience store to purchase a 40-ounce bottle of Colt and some mayo packets, but did not pay for them. Later, she reportedly went to a Whataburger restaurant.

This incident has sparked controversy, with some pointing out the alleged hypocrisy of Goldberg’s statement from 1995 where she expressed her dislike for Miracle Whip, saying it tasted like “white people,” while still consuming mayonnaise.

The incident has raised questions about Goldberg’s behavior and her attitude toward others, especially in light of her previous controversial statements. Despite this, it is important to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and preferences. It is up to each individual to decide whether or not to support Goldberg’s actions. Ultimately, we must respect each other’s choices and strive to create a more inclusive and understanding society.

31 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg barred from the Oscars: Inside the controversy”

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  1. I thought she was moving to another country, several years ago! What happen? We were all so proud she was finally leaving! I think she has mental problems!

    1. Might want to check into the guy that stole this article from a satire site. Chaudry Badar, a Pakastani Citizen has been reported to the FBI. How dumb are you Martha? Do you believe every story a terrorist posts?

  2. Who would want her racist self anywhere near them? She’s full of herself and needs to go live on an island by herself and her mayonnaise. You won’t be missed in the least.

  3. She is hateful person very racist if a white person said some of these the things she and her crew say the show should have been canceled but because it is her everything she said is o.k

  4. This statement is as asinine beyond belief………………

    Despite the controversy, Goldberg remains a highly respected and accomplished performer in the entertainment industry.

  5. You want Whoopi do have her choices and opinions. But you don’t want the organizers of the award show to have choices and opinions? Fair is fair.

    Besides, she can organize her own awards show if she wants to attend one.

  6. ” Despite this, it is important to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and preferences”? Would you say the same if we were talking about a white supremist?

  7. She thinks she’s the boss of every body. Keep her out before she does more damage makes an ass out of herself.

  8. Most people in the public eye have a sense of decorum, if they want to keep working in Hollywood they know it’s important that they speak politically correct. I don’t think Miss Goldberg gets it yet her shelf life is about to expire she does not want have the place in Hollywood that she did before and she does not get the Liberty to say whatever she wants to without consequences

  9. Monique Frey-Jackson

    I think that she should be forgiven. I dont think that this Producer should have the power to do this. It should be an Academy decision abd I also don’t like that they didn’t get the message to her that she us not welcomed to come…especially having to “fly” into Cali from New York. Disrespectful!

  10. Whoopie (what a dumb name to choose for oneself) has always been less than gracious and more than a little bit racist in her comments. Three years ago she was removed from the academy does she not understand the meaning of that missive?
    She obviously is not well educated about the Holocaust and the plight of the Jewish people going back centuries, they are one of the original groups of slaves, and if she cracked a history book she would know that. Worse though is when she is told the facts she chooses to remain ignorant.
    What a shame… she has what it takes to be a great actress but not a great human being.

  11. Sharon Swindoll

    Goldberg has been an embarrassment to her profession for years. She thinks rules are made for other folks, not her.

  12. WHY?, Why should I respect someone that continues to degrade Caucasian people? To incite Hate towards white people. She’s a Racist, a bigot, and an all around vile person. She hasn’t earned, shown, or deserve Respect.

    1. She is just plain nuts . She has made her fortune and now believes she can behave any way she likes without any consequences. I say ignore her and no one should hire her ever again.

  13. Ms. Caryn Goldberg aka Whoopie never attended nor had plans to attend the Oscars!
    You have a big pack of credibility as a supposed reporter!

  14. While I respect Goldberg’s body of work in the past, it is exactly that, in the past! If she is causing a stir by making anti-Semitic and racist statements and attending events such as the Oscars even after being asked not to, she deserves precisely nothing! She is being disruptive and I would not allow that at any event that I had anything to do with. You get the respect you deserve and at this point, from what I can see, she doesn’t deserve any respect!

  15. Sad all the negative comments. She maybe wrong in comments but we do not walk in her shoes and did not grow up in her era.
    I know she should not make comments she does as it hurts others.

  16. I have lost all respect for her, I do not care if she black, white or any other race. People must be respect, regardless of the color of their skin.

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