A group of four preschool boys performs an adorable dance routine with great skill.

The performance of these four preschool boys is really handsome.

Playful piano music plays in the background as a group of preschool boys begin their performance. One boy comes out with a chair in hand and puts it down so he can sit down. The next three boys emerge and perform the exact same action while smiling. They all wear the same outfit, consisting of shiny black hats, black waistcoats, bow ties, trousers, and shoes.

Everyone starts dancing on their chairs by slapping their thighs and moving their feet to the music. Sometimes they pose as they lean out of their chairs. Then he gets to his feet, walks around the chair, and stops behind the back. Everyone starts running in place. They sit in a chair with their backs to the audience as the music stops briefly.

As they swing one leg over the chair to look at the audience again, clapping now keeps them in rhythm. They do a few more spins before getting out of their chairs. They spin on the go while standing on chairs. They all jump over the backs of chairs facing the backs and pose as soon as they land.

After everyone is back on the floor, they turn their chairs around, sit on them, and lift their hats off their heads to signal that the performance is over.

 It’s hard not to smile while watching this charming and skillful performance by these four young boys.

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