Apple Airpods Pro Review 2022: The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds Yet

Airpods are the sole companion who will accompany you on your travel.

This image shows the Airpods Pro.

Pros & Cons

  • Great design
  • Good battery life
  • Valuable
  • Awesome features
  • Overall, a good performer

    Airpods have been extremely popular since their release in 2016, and the company has recently released its much-anticipated Airpods Pro model. 

    Unlike the original version, this new model features noise-canceling technology that makes it perfect for travel, commuting, or working out at the gym. Here’s our Airpods Pro review in 2022 and what we think about these exciting new earbuds!


    While Apple did not update their wireless AirPods in 2018, they did release a new wireless pair of earbuds: AirPods Pro. These $189 earbuds come with noise-canceling and water resistance. 

    If you’re familiar with my reviews, you know I focus on value first and foremost—in other words, do these new features justify that extra $50? Let’s find out. 

    For those who don’t want to read through my full review, here are some highlights: -They offer better sound quality than Apple’s regular AirPods but fall short of competing products like Bose SoundSport Free or Jabra Elite 65t. -The noise cancellation is nothing special (but still useful). 

    -The charging case is bigger than before (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). -I would buy them if you really need active noise cancellation or waterproofing (or both), but I wouldn’t buy them for just better sound quality. With that said, let’s get into it!


    At $189, they are not cheap. However, you will feel like they are worth every penny once you start using them on a daily basis. You’ll love how lightweight and easy to wear they are, and what noise cancellation can do for your flights or train rides to work. 

    If you want a good pair of wireless earbuds for your daily commute to work in addition to being able to cancel out any unwanted sounds when working out or traveling, Apple Airpods Pro headphones offer everything you need.

    In short, if you are looking for an excellent pair of wireless earbuds with fantastic noise cancellation technology, Apple’s Airpods Pro is for you. For $189, you get one of the best pairs of wireless headphones on the market.


    The Apple AirPods Pro are great earbuds, and they sound even better when paired with an iDevice or a Mac. With some added features like noise cancellation and greater durability, they’re easily my favorite pair of earbuds. 

    Though I wouldn’t recommend them for heavy exercisers who sweat a lot (if you want waterproof earbuds that don’t fall out, go with Bragi’s Dash headphones), overall, I think Apple has nailed it. They made a product that’s very close to perfect for everyday use–in fact, I haven’t taken mine off since I started using them (except for when I’m at work). Let me show you why!

    This image shows the Apple's Airpods Pro in the black background.

    There are three main specifications that describe earbuds, and each has an impact on sound quality. Fidelity refers to frequency response (the fullness of sound at different pitches), fidelity stands for how accurately sounds are reproduced, and bandwidth describes what range of frequencies can be produced. 

    Apple’s AirPods Pro has an excellent fidelity rating–indeed, at 100%, it has a frequency response that’s extremely close to true-to-life. It also has a very good bandwidth rating–125% is an industry-high level–which means that it’s capable of producing a wide range of sounds across a range of notes.

    In terms of specifications, Apple’s AirPods Pro is pretty similar to its earlier model. Both support Bluetooth 5.0, and both support AAC, A2DP, and AVRCP wireless connectivity. (Audio/Video Remote Control Protocol for audio playback.) 

    They also both have a case that provides an additional 2 hours of battery life to extend their run time by another 16 hours in total–and that battery can be charged via standard USB Type-C or Lightning cable.


    Apple’s brand new pair of earbuds, dubbed Airpods Pro, is a massive improvement over its previous generation. In an unexpected twist, Apple has addressed some of the most serious design issues in its previous AirPods with its latest model.

    These Wireless headphones are among the best on the market today, despite their flaws. Here’s everything that you need to realize about Apple’s newest offering!

    This image shows the Apple's Airpods Pro with little bittle shining on them.

    When Apple’s original AirPods were released back in December 2016, critics cited it as one of Apple’s biggest blunders. Many people had a problem with its design and how easy it was to lose them. While $159 may be a steep price to pay for something you could lose at any moment, I can attest that they’re worth every penny! 

    Not only do they have incredibly good sound quality compared to other Bluetooth earbuds on today’s market, but they also come with a convenient charging case that allows you to recharge your earbuds up to three times before having to charge them again!


    When it comes to sheer convenience, AirPods have few rivals. They’re incredibly easy to set up and start using out of the box, taking just a few seconds to pair with your iPhone or iPad. The connection is extremely strong and rarely breaks up when walking around or working out, something many competing products don’t do as well. 

    If you listen to podcasts while exercising, then these are probably the earbuds for you. Overall Apple has made huge strides in reducing Bluetooth issues that plagued earlier generations of its wireless headphones; at least anecdotally, there seem to be fewer complaints about connectivity issues than before.

    It also seems like battery life has improved over time—at least based on reviews of older models. That said, if you use them heavily every day, expect to charge them every couple of days or so (the case itself can also recharge your buds). 

    For most people, however, they should last at least a week between charges. It’s worth noting that some users complain about problems charging their AirPods Pro after extended use—but we haven’t seen any widespread reports of major issues like that yet.


    Apple’s AirPods Pros are among its most popular headphones, but not just because they look like a physical manifestation of an Apple product. They sound fantastic, offer solid noise-canceling and fit snugly in your ears. However, there is one significant flaw with these earbuds that don’t seem to be going away. 

    This image shows the Apple's Airpods Pro.

    Here’s our Apple Airpods Pro review for May 2022 on what makes them great as well as why some of us might want to skip them altogether… One thing you can say about Apple is that it generally excels at product packaging.

    But it’s hard to be blown away by Apple’s packaging with these. They don’t even come in a box. Instead, you get two small white-and-silver packets with charging cases inside and a small USB power adapter that looks like it could charge your Apple Watch. 

    That wouldn’t be so bad if they charged faster, but it takes around two hours to fully recharge each case and only 10 minutes of charging can deliver up to three hours of use – that seems to undermine just how premium these are supposed to feel.

    Battery Performance

    Battery life is one of a long-running series of misses for Apple. Despite having some impressive features and being comfortable to wear, its battery doesn’t last as long as it could or should. Apple is generally good at compensating with other features, but it needs to do more here. 

    Until then, we wouldn’t recommend buying these over cheaper rivals without better battery life. However, if you can afford to charge them every day and want a premium pair of headphones with noise-canceling, there are few better options than Apple’s AirPods Pro.

    Of course, one of these new features is that they come with a charging case. But when it comes to battery life, Apple hasn’t done much since last year’s originals. For comparison, Powerbeats Pro last nearly twice as long, and Beats Studio3 Wireless can last for up to 12 hours with noise canceling on. 

    It’s not terrible by any means, but if you forget to charge your AirPods Pro at night or don’t have time to juice them up during the day, you won’t get much more than three hours of playback before needing a recharge.

    this image shows the Apple's Airpods Pro on the heavy stones.


    The Apple Airpods pro is still a solid choice in 2022, although I’d only recommend it to iOS users. This isn’t because of any Apple-specific features—Android compatibility would be nice—but because its closed-off design makes it more vulnerable to rain and sweat than other truly wireless earbuds. 

    However, while they aren’t waterproof, they also don’t fall out as easily as other earbuds; you should be able to run or do just about anything else without worrying about them slipping out or falling out.

    If you want a pair of truly wireless earbuds that are reliable and built to last, they’re a solid pick. It’s best to avoid wearing them in areas with high moisture or extreme temperatures, but otherwise, they should serve you well for at least two years. 

    While other earbuds may offer better audio quality or even more features—notably, noise cancellation—they aren’t as comfortable and dependable as Apple’s Airpods pro. Although they lack some extra bells and whistles, they are durable and easy to use. 

    You can always expect them to be compatible with your iPhone or iPad device from day one, which is hard to say about other brands of earbuds on the market.

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