Celine Dion Finds Peace After The Passing Of Her Husband RENE ANGELIL

A great marriage between Celine Dion and Rene Angelil lasted for many years until the 54-year-old singer of “My Heart Will Go On” passed away from throat cancer.

Dion, a Canadian singer who has three sons with her late husband Angelil, stated that she is still in love with him when in Las Vegas to commemorate her 1000th performance. “Before he departed it was very dreadful for all of them,” she added.

In the wake of her husband’s passing, Celine Dion said that she had found peace and had never kissed another man or remarried.

When asked if she intended to find love with someone new, Celine responded that she already adores him. She is still utterly in love with him, and she is beloved by her children and her admiring fans. She enjoys working with the people she does, thus she has love in her life.

Yet, there is a song by Sia that claims, “I go to sleep and think you are there for me, and I go to bed with him, and I go the stage with him, so I’m still married to him.” She clarified Celine remembered when she was 12 years old, she first met her husband Rone. Rene was Celine’s manager at first, and they connected on a professional level. Gradually, though, their love grew, and they got married in 1994.

Prior to Rene’s passing on January 14, 2016, Celine and Rene had been wed for nearly 20 years. Rene, a well-known former performer who is now a manager, invited Celine, then 12 years old, to an audition in Quebec. He also took out a mortgage on his own house in 1981 to pay for her debut studio album. After the passing of her husband, Celine was heartbroken and lifeless, but actor Ryan Reynolds reached out to her and sent a heartfelt letter that changed her life and gave her the will to carry on.

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