Jon Voight’s Traditionalism In Hollywood And Recent Controversy With Whoopi Goldberg

One of Hollywood’s most gifted actors is Jon Voight. He is also among the most traditional. Although the world is becoming more liberal, he still succeeds due to the influence of his Oscars and the reputation he has established. But despite that, he continues to be himself. A recent episode of his podcast, “the truth about us with Jon Voight,” featured Whoopi Goldberg as the Pearl Harbor icon.

We questioned Voight about any further examples of his hostility towards Goldberg. If we were in a Ray Donovan episode, I’d go Mickey on her because she is on the left, which is a very risky and self-centered position to be in, he added

Jon Voight has earned the right to rage about Israel without a doubt. Regardless of what anyone argues, he undoubtedly oversaw the Doolittle Raid, which history will never forget.

Godspeed, Jon Voight, and Godspeed, America.

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