Meet The Supermom: Country Rogers And Her Perfect Brood Of 12 Children

It’s difficult to deny that those tiny replicas of us bring such a wide range of emotions into our life, and having children is always a mixture of fun and fuss for parents. But try to picture a family with 12, not 1, not 2, or even 5. Any travel can be altered by this. Here’s how our featured heroine and her husband manage their large, happy family and maintain their sanity for years after the birth of their twelfth kid, who was just born.

In New Mexico, 38-year-old Courtney Rogers and her husband Chris recently welcomed Cambria into the world, bringing their total number of children to the magical 12.

After giving birth to her youngest daughter, Courtney, a supermom who produced 12 children in 12 years, was able to transform her brood into a real-life family from “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

The delighted parents admitted that when they first made the decision to start a family, they had no intention of having so many children. When they first started trying to get pregnant, they even experienced a miscarriage, but today they simply have a perfect brood.

The parents of this family cherish each of their 12 children.

Clint, the couple’s eldest son, was born on March 30, 2010, soon before they went on to have additional 5 males and then 6 girls.

In an interview, Courtney said, “It’s amazing how it all worked out too because we had all our males at the beginning and the last five have been girls, so it evened out.”

Each child represents a fresh chapter in the lives of the delighted parents, as revealed by Courtney. Client was born three weeks before I turned 26, but at the time I had no idea I would have more kids. I thought I was too old at 26, and I didn’t realise they would arrive so quickly or include a set of twins. We initially planned to have a maximum of 10 kids, but since we still felt young and healthy, we increased that to 12.

In addition to having 12 children, the family also has a farm with more than 200 animals, including pigs, sheep, and chickens. With 12 kids under the age of 12 already, Courtney and Chris are all about their family. The kids are all raised with the idea of taking care of their animals and are taught responsibility from a young age. They are always engaged in plotting how to control the vast group.

The Roger families’ typical day begins at 8 a.m. with a hearty breakfast, followed by math and art instruction.

Lunch is served at approximately 11:30 a.m. While the older children prepare their own meals, Courtney sandwiches feeds the younger children and then puts them down for a nap.

The family typically eats 24 eggs and a whole box of cereal every morning for breakfast.


A typical day for the Rogers families begins at 8 a.m. with a hearty breakfast.

By 11:30 a.m., lunch is given, and Courtney feeds the younger children sandwiches before putting them down for a nap while the older children make their own meals. The children take language classes in the afternoon, along with occasional Zoom piano lessons. The super moon gives her family a substantial dinner at five o’clock.

The large, happy family manages to scrape by thanks to their mother’s rigorous spending habits. Courtney is a skilled planner and saver who even set a “no buying anything other than basic groceries” policy.

When Courtney must visit the grocery store, she observes Meatless Mondays and prepares more affordable vegetarian meals for her expanding family.

Every day for breakfast, the family eats a complete box of cereal and 24 eggs as part of a typical meal.

Before to putting the kids to bed at 8:30 p.m., Courtney not only teaches the children but also maintains a clean home.

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