Céline Dion Postpones Tour Due to Severe Health Issues, Including Muscle Spasms and Weight Loss

Sources close to Céline Dion have reported that the renowned singer is facing severe health challenges that have forced her to postpone her tour. According to these sources, Dion is no longer able to walk due to persistent and severe muscle spasms that have recently worsened. The singer is said to be weak, experiencing pain in her legs and feet that has paralyzed her, and has lost a significant amount of weight.

This is a condition that could require a prolonged period of recovery, and if her symptoms don’t improve, she could be away from performing for several months or even a year.

Dion’s Courage tour was a massive success in 2019, in January 2022, she had to cancel her remaining North American dates due to her persistent muscle spasm. She took to Instagram to share her frustration that her progress in treating the condition was taking longer than expected. She stated that she was receiving treatment from her doctors, and taking medication, but she was still experiencing spasms, and her recovery was slower than anticipated.

The Grammy Award-winning artist announced that her tour would begin in May 2022, but due to her health issues, the shows have been pushed back to February 2023. Additionally, she has also postponed her Las Vegas residency

Fans have been concerned about Dion’s health since the passing of her husband, and reports suggest that she only weighs around 85 pounds, which is lower than what is considered healthy. While she previously stated that she loved how she looked and
ignored negative comments, her appearance has raised concerns among many.

Dion expressed her heartfelt emotions in a post on Instagram, stating, “My heart is broken by this situation. My team and I have been working on our new show for eight months and not being able to take the stage in November saddens me beyond words.”

Despite her health challenges, she remains committed to her fans and sending support to Ukraine and its people.

We sincerely hope that Céline Dion’s health improves and that she can resume performing soon. We send our support to her and wish her a speedy recovery. The singer is an icon to millions of people worldwide, and we know that she will continue to inspire and uplift us with her music for many years to come

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  1. Think positive and believe sweet lady–you are the best–and we need you in our world–many will pray for you -God has heard our prayers and he will help you if you believe ! we love you Celine !

  2. I hope someone who is on her team will be brave enough to stand up and say what is obvious she needs intense treatment for a horrinble eating disorder, Anyone can see, this is not normal help her if she is in denial before she is no longer with us

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