Candid Shots of Julia Roberts at 55: A Real and Relatable Image of the Iconic Actress Without Makeup

Julia Roberts is a celebrated actress known for her unforgettable portrayal of a captivating and beautiful woman in the movie Pretty Woman, where she stole the heart of a wealthy businessman and later married him. It is worth noting that when the movie was filmed, the actress was just 23 years old. Fast forward to now, the time has flown inexorably, and Roberts is already 55 years old, which is quite a
startling realization.

As we age, we gradually become accustomed to the process, but the same cannot be said for our favorite celebrities. When we see them again after a long time, their aging appears to have happened instantaneously, leaving us in disbelief.

This is what happened when recent photographs of Julia Roberts taken by paparazzi showed her walking along the streets of New York City, completely unprepared to meet photographers, with her face without makeup and her hair unstilled. It seemed as though Julia was just out for a casual coffee.

Fans were quick to discuss their idol’s appearance, with some in shock and others in awe of her natural beauty

If you are a fan of Julia Roberts, what are some of your favorite films in which she has starred?

10 thoughts on “Candid Shots of Julia Roberts at 55: A Real and Relatable Image of the Iconic Actress Without Makeup”

  1. She is beautiful with or without make-up. What is so unusual and unlike most Hollywood women, she does not look like she is wearing makeup when she is wearing it.

  2. Leave her alone she is just fine! Man the paparazzi are a bunch of vicious vultures. Her look is epic and she’s a celebrity and also a human being. Beautiful no matter what. I see no real difference.

  3. Julie Roberts is still beautiful, natural and still fresh with lovely skin.
    No Botox, thick lips and skin that can’t move anymore. As natural as fresh air👍

  4. Julia Roberts will always be a beautiful woman. I guess it is a slow day at the news stations. Why don’t they give us a shot of them on their day off with no makeup.

  5. People can be so judgemental. Julia is still a beautiful woman inside as nd out. If we could be so lucky! ☺️

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