John Elway Takes a Stand: No Tolerance for Disrespect of American Flag

John Elway, a former Super Bowl-winning quarterback and the current Head of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos, has issued guidelines for the upcoming NFL season. According to sources within the team, Elway has taken a firm stance against any acts of disrespect towards the American flag and has set out clear expectations for player conduct.

Elway has made it clear that anyone who kneels on his field during the national anthem will be fired on the spot. Even players from other teams who show disrespect will be escorted out and not allowed to play. While the enforcement of this rule remains unclear, the players are taking the warning seriously. An assistant coach reported hearing Elway screaming in his office about the issue.

Elway has a history of taking a strong stance on this issue. In 2017, he fired three players for kneeling during the anthem. This action caused a fact-checking controversy and attacks on satire by Snopes, but the players were reinstated in the end. Nonetheless, Elway’s public image remains intact as a firm enforcer of the league’s policy on respect for the flag.

It appears that Elway is not willing to compromise on this issue, and players will need to abide by the rules or face the consequences. This stance by Elway is in line with the league’s policy on the matter and emphasizes the importance of respect for the nation and its symbols.

Overall, it seems that Elway’s leadership style values adherence to the rules and respect for American traditions

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      1. I agree with him. If you are unappreciated of what sacrifices that were made for you to live in the land of the free,home of the brave, the men/woman whom fought and sacrificed their life for your freedom then you need to move along it’s a great big world. The American flag proudly waves at my home. If you disrespect your country I can only imagine what you think of Jesus Christ who die on the cross for forgiveness of your sins.


        2. 1. People tend to disrespect anyone or thing that disrespects them.
          2. This country supports freedom of religion.
          3. Have a seat.

  1. Elway knows nothing about the. Constitution, you’re setting yourself up for a lawsuit. Folks that call protesters snowflakes and buttercup can’t even see the irony… You should think and show respect to the Constitution, instead if screaming like a child that didn’t get his way.

      1. Trump Rowdy: you’re an ignorant idiot. If you can’t post a complete sentence, just finish that beer and go to sleep.

    1. There is no irony to what he said. If you are an American, you should damn well respect the flag and all this nations symbols that stand for the freedom you so adamantly enjoy! If you don’t like it, gtfoh, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass! Go to another country and see how you like their rules. Btw, they’re not called snowflakes or buttercups, they are pretenders and losers because they pretend they are kneeling for a lost cause. Capernick, who started this entire garbage came up with an excuse after he was benched for inadequate performance and wanted to rebel but was caught kneeling on national tv and knew he was about to get himself in trouble. Now look at the loser!

      1. Exactly…if their issue was so strong to them they would be protesting during the off season and not only when the cameras are on their buttercup asses…they forget the reason why they’re able to protest…Flag, Country, Constitution and the men and women who joined the Military to fight, when called upon, to protect our rights and freedoms…WNBA Brittney Grier hopefully learned a lesson!!!!

    2. Thats no different when FB blocks people’s freedom of speech…Elway owns the team and stadium…private ownership…total lack of respect to our country, flag and military to kneel during the National Anthem..if the players have that much of an issue with the way things are done in this country than why ate they protesting just when the camera is on them or during the off season

      1. Exactly!!! Elway is free to speak and free to make the choice if you don’t follow the rules! I’m glad so many people are finally starting to catch on. I’m also super excited that the borders are open so all who want to can LEAVE! 😁 FREE TO GO!

    3. NFl foot team are concerned a private organization,they are not public.Ic you as an individual want to Neal so be it.Wgen Yoh work for a company ,they write the rules and if you don’t like them you are fee to leave.

      1. Yes! That is what I was going to say. Free Market. Football is a business. Business owners has a right to set their Policies and Procedures for that business. Is the employee doesn’t like those policies and procedures, they can go to a different company and work for them.

    4. Hello….. yes but to these players it’s a privilege to play I totally agree with him and others should do the same tired if these pansies who cry for everything. They ought to be glad of the freedom that that flag stands for . Don’t like it go to Colombia or those other countries where they have no rights and find out how good they have UT here. This kneeling bit is stupid because one ass started it. Be leaders nit followers . .

    5. You know nothing of the Constitution! Freedom of Speech protects the Individual from GOVERNMENT prosecution, it has nothing to do with commercial operations

    6. I’m not sure about Colorado but in the state of ohio you can fire an employee at any time.
      As an employee you work for the company and if you break company policy that can be a fireable event!
      If someone wants to sue…let them sue!!
      I believe in free speech but for me, disrespect for the flag is disrespect for this country and all the men and woman that serve and have died for our freedoms!
      Many of the players that kneel don’t do anything else for the cause so just ‘shut up and play’ the game your they’re paid MILLIONS to play!

    7. The constitution promises free speech, however that right does not extend to the work place! The football field is a WORKPLACE, nothing more.

      You can’t get a job at McDonalds and spout anti American garbage, you would be fired in a heart beat.

      I managed a equipment manufacturing company for many years, we had a English only policy during working hours and on site. Couple of employees challenged it. When our lawyers got done with theirs, it was dropped!

      An employer has the right to set company policy and enforce it!

      So your argument is BS!

    8. Not at all the way this works. What the Constitution says is that “Congress shall pass no law.”

      Any company can decide that particular speech is forbidden while the employee is acting as a representative of that company.

      Elway cannot (at least not without pushback) tell players that they cannot take a knee for the anthem when that are out on the town as “Joe Citizen” but while they are in their uniform….yeah….he can as long as the ownership signs off on it.

      There may be some league requirements or prohibitions but “The Constitution” has nothing to do with this.

    9. Mac
      Will you place of employment allow you during your paid time at work to protest something you believe in. Company time paying your wage.

  2. Good it is about time people are being e-pelted to respect the country that gives them the opportunity to make millions for playing a game. Too many good people have died defending your rights and this country

  3. Amen!!!!anyone who disrespects the flag and anthem of the nation that allowed them to rise to where they are, 1st offense, fire them. 2nd offense, strip them of their citizenship, and deport them.!

  4. I back Elway 100% it’s about time when they see people have had enough and team members start loosing that fat paycheck maybe they’ll stop and think about if their stupidity is worth it.

    1. Exactly, I have been an avid sports and Cowboys fan all of my life. But sence Rodger Goodell the NFL has become a mockery of itself and the great game it once was. When players played for love of the game not money. Just to much greed and ego all throughout sports now. And that’s just it sport i.e. game. These people get paid to play a game nothing more. So I have not viewed or used my hard earned money to support pretty much all sports. Especially those that disrespect a country and what it stands for. Of all things that game was literally created and played in this country for decades under those stars and stripes. Without issue for those gridiron gladiators understood what it stood for and the sacrifices people have made to ensure it continues to fly over this land.

  5. THANK YOU, Mr. Elway!!! ALL Patriotic Americans appreciate your stand! Not to mention the men and women who Fight / Fought for this Country!

  6. Elway is a 🤡
    He need to concentrate on football and not political issues which he obviously doesn’t understand

    1. It’s not political, it’s respect for their country and those that served for their right to make millions to play ball, the end.

  7. 100 percent agree. Our soldiers fought under their country’s flag.
    Kneeling for the anthem and in front of the faf is showing absolute disresect.Good on you John, pity Australia didn’t have the guts to do the same.

  8. The article is fake and if y’all spent a couple of seconds y’all would’ve found that out. Y’all are daf

  9. Why are you guys so concerned with a player kneeling? If that’s the case, take the national anthem out of sports so we can just watch the game, then you won’t be complaining about the player kneeling. John Oldway should just shut up and stand on the sideline.

  10. Way to go love this many many men and women has fought for our country and some died for it respect it or go somewhere else red,white,blue these colors don’t change

  11. Plenty of people who can put on a jersey and pads to play.we would see a difference in the spirit of the game and the like. We would never miss a player getting fired but take our country away from us … you’d miss it.

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