Chelsea Handler celebrates her 48th birthday by hitting the slopes in a bikini and shading Tucker Carlson

Chelsea Handler is a natural celebrant who also knows how to get a smile out of her critics.

The well-known writer, comedian, and TV announcer Chelsea Handler celebrated her 48th birthday in an original way — on the slopes in a bikini.

Due to her open nature and lack of fear, Handler is known for being honest and direct with her critics.

Last week, the comedian celebrated her 48th birthday by skiing in a bikini. In addition to showing off her talent in an Instagram video for Eminem’s “Without Me,” Handler also found time to criticize Tucker Carlson in another post.

“Tucker, this is for you!” Handler captioned the image.

In a new funny video, Handler describes her carefree life without the responsibilities of motherhood. Carlson described Handler as an “aging, deeply unlikeable woman who has never had children” when she reported on Fox News.

Carlson’s guest on the February episode was podcast host Jesse Kelly, and he went even further.

Kelly stated that women “heard that they should do a profession and not raise a family or anything like that.” “Soon you’ll be Chelsea Handler. Soon it’ll be Valentine’s Day and your womb will be like a dried kelp running through an old western town. For the 10th year in a row, your Valentine’s date will be 10 years… an old copy of ‘Magic Mike’ and a half-full bottle of Xanax and you’ll feign joy.”

According to right-wing podcaster Ben Shapiro, Handler had “written all over” her face “how miserable she is.”

Handler responded in the video, “Wow.” “Why on earth would I even want to have kids of my own if I listen to these whiners all the time? I had to turn you all on. My God, Tucker, I really think it’s time you thought about it.”

Are you really mad that I have so much freedom?” she asked. “Or maybe you’re disappointed that you haven’t been able to take her away from me yet. And a brief mention of Ben Shapiro. I appreciate your support of my decision to give up children.”

Handler, who skied topless last year for her 47th birthday, did great. In her video response, she mentioned that she has funded “ten different people’s” college educations, written six bestsellers, and recently premiered a new Netflix special.

Handler has always been vocal about her stance on various social and political issues and uses her platform to raise awareness and make a difference.

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