The sponsorship of Budweiser, considered “woke” by some, has been dropped by NASCAR.

With the loss of its main sponsor, its decline is even more intense.

Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Bud Light, recently faced a significant loss in revenue and reputation as NASCAR pulled its nearly $88 million sponsorship. The decision came after Anheuser-Busch hired transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney as its spokesperson and even printed his/her face on a can of Bud Light.

Waking up and going bankrupt seems to have become a reality for brewer Anheuser-Busch. Nascar, a venerable institution in the world of sports, ended its roughly $88 million sponsorship of Bud Light after naming transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson and even printing his/her face on a can of the fizzy drink.

It’s no secret that Bud Light is struggling as a result of the “woke” movement. Old and irrelevant conservative figures like Kid Rock have been spotted buying award-winning beer online that didn’t actually accomplish anything because he already bought it. They actually have your money.

The decision of many overweight and stagnant beer drinkers to switch to Coors Lite due to their diabetes has boosted the company’s stock value by 68%. However, Coors is also awake, as we’ll find out in the following article, with rainbow advertising and cans sporting images of drag queen Ru Paul stripping.

So isn’t there a way to avoid “waking beer”? We asked veteran pickpocket and drunk man about town Joe Barron.

“A lot of people object to having a transgender man or woman on their cans. You know, people collect those cans. They use them to build shit. Beds. Terlets. several forms of crap. I have a car made out of a beer can, but it doesn’t have a drive. But not because of the cans. considering it’s a Ford.”

If nothing else, Nascar will make Ford recognizable to millions. Bud Light? Okay, not anymore.

It is unclear how the firm will bounce back from this setback and regain the trust of its traditionally conservative clientele. In the current political climate, companies must walk a fine line between reaching a wider audience and not alienating their existing clients. Busch’s Anheuser situation serves as a warning that even seemingly progressive decisions can backfire, so corporations should carefully evaluate the consequences before taking any action.

7 thoughts on “The sponsorship of Budweiser, considered “woke” by some, has been dropped by NASCAR.”

  1. C to the damn D

    It is blatantly obvious that your personal opinion makes its way into your writing. That means you lack the emotional intelligence to actually write for news. You should stick to fluff.

  2. Old and irrelevant conservative figures like Kid Rock ,man that is a stupid comment by you ha ha,that old man still sells out venues and rocks like 20 year olds,also is still very popular to millions.Very stupid comment on your part and shows your ignorance.probably makes more money in a day the you will in 20 years btw,lol so call him irrelevant lmao.

  3. I am really surprised that NASCAR would object to bud light going woke unless, they learned from their mistake.

  4. LMAO goes to prove that stupid people that cater to mentally disturbed whatever they want to be called, as for myself I will never go back to AB products. Time for the companies and this Country to come to their senses or else lose everything they have going for them. because of weird disturbed people.

  5. Margaret E Redling

    This was a terribly written article. Was this from a writing 101 class? You should flunk. Good luck with this garbage in your “career”. I won’t be reading anything with your name attached. Junk writing.

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