Colin Kaepernick should be “slapped some sense,” according to Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan expressed the opinion that Colin Kaepernick should feel thankful for the opportunity to play and that he would like to educate him on the matter.

Michael Jordan, the world’s best basketball player, says he’d like to “slap some sense” into former quarterback Colin Kaepernick because he’s sick of the antics of liberals. Jordan added, “I used to really look up to him. He’s got tremendous potential,” during a very tearful phone contact with ALLOD. Jordan started to cry a little as he spoke, remembering seeing great black athletes like Kaepernick put their hands over their hearts in thanks to the nation that had given them the chance to become famous for playing a sport.

He continued, “Kaep should just bite the bullet and cave in; it breaks my heart that he sucks now. Those lost years won’t appear again. He refused to support the song out of pure stubbornness. The song is the main factor in his freedom. The legendary former Bulls player responded, “There’s just no way to tell,” when asked why he believes Kaepernick does it. He claims it’s a protest, but what protest? If it’s about black men getting shot, as someone said, shouldn’t he be black if he’s going to ruin his career over it?

Jordan apologized and raised a fist in the air in support after describing Kaepernick’s background, but he was unable to go past the kneeling. “He must despise the military. There is just no other way to explain it.” Regrettably, Mr. Jordan likely has a point.

Before going and offending everyone by sitting instead of kneeling in protest, Kaepernick perhaps would have done better to consult a veteran.

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