Gordon Ramsay asked Colin Kaepernick to leave the “Hell’s Kitchen,”

Chef Gordon Ramsay kicked former NFL player Colin Kaepernick off the show. The members of his staff knelt as a form of protest or solidarity.

Chef Gordon Ramsay couldn’t help but react when he watched Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL quarterback, and national traitor, sit down at the renowned Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas. He made an effort to disregard the obvious unease among his own staff and the visitors. Although Kaepernick is a favorite of the radical left, most Americans, especially those who identify as patriots, don’t like him.

Although being from Wales, Ramsay knows what it is to love your country. The chef had had enough by the time the appetizers were almost done. He turned to see the traitor posing for a selfie on one knee with the only fan he had in the eatery. Ramsay immediately took action.

Ramsay firmly retorted, “You can just fuck off then. kitchen staff. blue and red. Go outside and kneel down while this wanker leaves.
The rest of the customers applauded as the crew joyfully knelt. When he walked away, a former Marine stood up and began singing the national anthem. The entire dining room got to their feet, put their hands on their hearts, and joined in on the song.

Patriots, America is still there. Publicly sing the national anthem.

God Bless America.

34 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay asked Colin Kaepernick to leave the “Hell’s Kitchen,””

    1. It’s his right as a restaurant owner. They observed that everyone in the restaurant (except one) was uneasy about Kaepernick’s presence. He chose to appease the masses. It is a business after all.

    2. Taking a knee in Hell’s Kithchen while there dining to take a selfie with another diner who was a “fan” of this anti-American jerk was completely inappropriate and being asked to leave was completely within the owner’s right as this was not the place for his agenda to be displayed.

    1. Wrong. The hateful anti-America statement was made by a Black man. He had his 1st Amendment right. So now it’s racist because a White man uses his 1st Amendment right.

    2. Lol. You must be a liberal. He has every right to refuse service to anyone. Kaepernick was causing a scene by kneeling in the restaurant. It was making the patrons uneasy. Has nothing to do with racism.

    3. Let's Go Brandon

      Just because you are racist trash, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Colin wants to be a divisive clown, he will be treated as such

  1. Michele Houghton

    GOD Bless Gorden Ramsey ! Good to see a man thats not afraid to stand up for whats right and not cowards to The Woke .

    1. You wouldn’t know a hero if he pulled you from a burning house! Idiot, I was at the Philly VA today, I was around hundreds of REAL hero’s!

  2. The writer of this is racist, dummy the knee was never about America, it was about racism. You are just ignorant!

  3. Doubt this happened. Only conservative sites are reporting it and sometimes it is Whoopi Goldberg he kicked out. Smh

  4. There is nothing racist about patriotism and we are NOT a racist country. As for the First Amendment, are you suggesting that only people of color are allowed to express themselves and that any white person who objects to such expression is racist? However, those who seek to be offended will find a way to be offended. Perhaps you fit in that category.

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