Father begs to go home for Easter and promises to behave, son refuses and accuses father of acting like a child.

The son was stunned, he felt a heavy weight in his chest and his eyes watered. He felt a deep regret that he had not fulfilled his father’s last wish. He wanted to take him home for Easter, but……

Take me home for Easter, son. I’ll sit in the corner and be with you for a few days, I won’t disturb you and I’ll be better at home.

I want to go home, I want to go home, you keep saying when I’m being cared for here, fed, and given medicine. Dad, stop acting like a child.

I will feel happier at home because I haven’t been there for a year.

His son assured her that the holidays were coming soon; I’ll take you without a doubt.

My son, have a long and happy life. You make me proud; not all children are like this. When I get home, we’ll visit your mother’s cemetery; did you bring flowers to her grave? She adored flowers.

The son glanced briefly at his father before turning his head away. He left after saying goodbye. The father began to watch the passing of time and informed the other patients that he would be home soon.

The son was sitting on the couch at home and looked thoughtful. He didn’t like to tell his wife. He replied as he turned to his wife.

He begged his wife, “I’ll bring daddy home for the holidays,” staring at her.

The wife spoke emphatically and made a worried movement.

You may have overlooked the possibility that we could have contracted tuberculosis from your father. In addition, we will be hosting a lot of visitors during the holidays.

But the doctor said that he is no longer a threat to people.

Do you trust the medical profession? They are completely incomprehensible.

Their exchange is over.

The guests gathered around the rich table, ate, sipped their parents’ toasts, and instructed their children to be good people on Easter morning after everyone had gone to church.

After the visitors left, they cleaned the table and the apartment before going to bed exhausted. Although the son was exhausted, he could not sleep because something was disturbing him. He decided to go see his father in the morning. There were hardly any people in the corridors and the hospital was abnormally quiet.

Several patients returned home to spend Easter with their families, according to the nurse. The son bowed his head as he began to climb the stairs to the eighth floor where his father’s hospital room was located. As he approached the door, he was thinking of how to apologize when he suddenly noticed that his father’s bed was empty. He quickly left and headed to the doctor’s office. He noticed the doctor talking quietly in the doorway.

Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we were unable to save him. He died. His last words were that he was deeply disappointed in life, himself, and his son because he did not raise a decent person.

The lesson the son learned was that life is too short to waste on unimportant things. He understood the value of family and the willingness to do anything to protect it. He discovered that love is the most powerful force in the universe and that it can overcome all obstacles. He also understood that it is never too late to start over, ask for forgiveness, and make reparations.

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