‘Happy Days’ star Anson Williams, 73, is engaged and cherishes his family in a small farm town after beating cancer.

Anson Williams, best known for his role as Potsie Weber on “Happy Days,” has had a lot going on in his life.

He recently had one of his happiest days. Although the actor is already 70 years old, he still lives life to the fullest.

The actress has a long history in Hollywood and is known all over the world. But his family was always very important to him. Now he’s expanding his family and making a commitment that will last his entire life.

Williams was best remembered as Richie Cunningham’s best friend on “Happy Days” from 1974 to 1984. Williams was born in Los Angeles in September 1949. On the other hand, Williams had no plans to get a job.

He auditioned at the last minute and was successful, but the pilot was not successful. They later gave it another shot, and this time the pilot was successful, making Williams Potsie Weber’s chosen one out of hundreds of candidates.

Despite being a huge hit during the show, he hung up his acting hat after it ended. But he continued to work as a director in the entertainment industry.

“Diagnosis Murder,” “Beverley Hills, 90210,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: Voyager,” “Charmed,” “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Lizzie McGuire” all starred Williams. direction charge.

In addition, he has five children from his previous marriage to Jackie Williams, whom he married in 1988. However, the actor-turned-director claims that he would never force Hollywood on his children and that none of his children aspire to work there.

In 2011, Williams moved his family from Los Angeles to Ojai. According to the actor, he decided primarily to protect his children. Williams recalls the “dangerous moment” that occurred in the country. He wanted to move somewhere where his children would have a good experience.

The family had a special place in their hearts for Ojai as they spent many weekends there before settling down permanently. After moving, Williams and his family experienced a significant increase in security.

Williams believed his family was no longer safe in Los Angeles after encountering a personal problem there. The incident occurred after he was diagnosed with cancer and spent a month in the hospital.

The director claimed that he was broken and hopeless and that he wished to find his way again. The only place he could think of that would give him this peace was his home in Ojai.

Williams emphasized how moving to Ojai and stepping away from the spotlight helped him regain his zest for life; this community eventually accepted him and welcomed him back. He owes much to Ojai for his well-being, mental stability, and ability to carry on.

In 2016, Williams was diagnosed with cancer a week before Christmas. Soon after learning from doctors that he had stage 2 colon cancer, he underwent surgery and therapy.

Fortunately, he made a full recovery and claimed that spending as much time in therapy as he did showed him exactly what was important in life and what could go wrong.

The filmmaker realized that his life had meaning because of the people who loved and cared for him. He became more emphatic in his convictions and began to rearrange his priorities.

When asked what he focused on more when doctors diagnosed him, he exclaimed that he found a renewed love for his family.

Although he had always loved his children, he claimed that everything became much more passionate after he was released from the hospital. He makes sure they understand that they are now the center of his attention.

Unfortunately, when Williams’ cancer diagnosis was successfully treated, his 30-year marriage fell apart. In 2019, the couple initially filed for divorce. Nevertheless, they withdrew the file a month after submission.

The couple’s relationship was not mended and nine months later it was back to its former glory. This time, both parties filed for divorce. Williams claimed they acted in the best interest of all parties involved.

Williams divorced his ex-wife in 2020 but has been in a committed relationship ever since and recently proposed. He confirmed his engagement on Facebook on April 3, 2023.

Williams’ new fiancee, Sharon MaHarry, is a real estate professional. Lindsay, a journalist, is one of her other daughters. MaHarry’s only child, Lindsay, lives in Los Angeles.

MaHarry often posts photos of herself and her lover on social media. A year before they got engaged, she shared a photo of them having breakfast at San Ysidro Ranch.

In July 2022, MaHarry shared a photo of herself, Williams, and George Hamilton having lunch. Everyone grinned in front of the camera and MaHarry described Hamilton like this:

The most sophisticated man in Hollywood, as well as a total badass.

MaHarry likes to boast that the couple spends a lot of time with their friends. In August 2022, MaHarry posted a photo of herself and Williams with another couple, saying they were having a good day with friends.

She likes to post pictures of herself and her partner on social media, but there are times when she lets him take center stage, like in August 2022 when she posted a photo of her partner talking to a large group of people.

In addition to getting engaged to his fiancee, Williams welcomed his first grandchild in October 2022. His daughter Hannah announced her birth on Instagram not long after she was born.

She shared photos of herself, her baby and her husband in the delivery room. But she hid her identity. A month later, she revealed that she named her child Leni and that her older brothers adore her.

In January 2023, Hannah returned to Instagram to upload a beautiful picture of her four children playing on the beach. As the other two leaned in to get a better look, Leni was held by her older brother. Leni, according to Hannah, was their best gift in 2022.

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