Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check And Changes His Life

Most people would prefer that if they found money on the ground, they would do the right thing and turn it in.

One person with nothing found an amount of cash that would change his life, and he didn’t hesitate to return it to its rightful owner.
When he discovered the $10,000 cheque in New Haven, Connecticut, Elmer Alvarez was on the streets.
Elmer could have done anything with that check because he had been dealt a bad hand in life, but he chose to give it back to its rightful owner.
He ultimately began on a route that would improve his life as a result of his honesty.
The money belonged to real estate salesperson Roberta Hoskie, who misplaced the check during a hectic conversation and was unaware of its loss until the next day.
When Elmer discovered the check, the first thought that entered his head was, “I had to look for this person.”
He claimed he never considered using the money for himself.

That never occurred to me because I decided to change my life around. I haven’t used any illegal substances in three years, Elmer told CBS News.

Roberta resolved to track down Elmer and express her gratitude after learning that the check had been returned.

She remarked, “I anticipated to find a guy all nice, clean shaven, and in a blue suit.

As a result of Elmer’s poor English, she ended up with a friend who informed Roberta that Elmer was homeless.

It destroyed the stereotypes, Roberta remarked.

Elmer sobbed when Roberta gave him a check to thank him.

To clarify misunderstandings about homeless people, Roberta live-streamed her encounter with Elmer on Facebook.

Roberta was able to work her way out of poverty and now owns a lucrative real estate business.

Roberta has also assisted Elmer throughout the year since their initial meeting. She not only helped him locate an apartment and paid his rent for seven months, but she also enrolled him in real estate school so he could work for her business.

Now the two are planning to construct a transitional home for homeless young adults and teenagers where I will offer the kinds of services Elmer described as essential since ‘’I understand what it means to be homeless.’’ Nobody should live like that, he declared.

Elmer returned that check without anticipating anything in return. Elmer now has the life he deserves because people have begun to recognize the human aspect of individuals forced to live on the streets.

When you give someone a helpful hand, they never forget and frequently return the favour, like Roberta and Elmer are doing.

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