John Goodman expressed his joy at Roseanne being reinstated to “The Corners.”

The cast of “The Corners” is unsure of Roseanne Barr’s intentions considering the news that she has taken control of the show. Would it be impossible to claim she faked her own death and went to Norway for a while given that they’ve already brought Dan back to life?

It’s Folks TV. There are no obstacles. He supports it wholeheartedly, according to John Goodman. She is coming back and makes me very happy. whether it be as a cast member, producer, or director. We got along fine all the time.

The remaining actors, a group of liberal leftists, will probably leave the show or ask for no-contact orders. Sara Gilbert remarked, it could be alright if she just owns it and gets paid. But if she’s back on set? Hello, bye.

Goodman claims that the cast has struggled to get past her character defects. when someone embraces extremist ideologies and engages in overt racism. I believe there is chance that she will develop some empathy if she is around all these lesbians since the time to forsake them has past, he said.

What part, if any, she will play or even whether she will continue the show are still unknown. She declared, “I might just take my $208 million, scrap the programe, and go do something else.” Goodman would undoubtedly follow her.

45 thoughts on “John Goodman expressed his joy at Roseanne being reinstated to “The Corners.””

  1. What will they do when they meet Jesus? Call him a leftist? Don’t think He will be moved by their excuses. There is revival going on because people are realizing this world is heading in an evil direction including all this gender dysmorphia that is just plain insane.

    1. This entire article is based on a satirical post. She is neither getting money or coming back to the show in any form.

      1. So would I. I haven’t watched one show since she left. and if that one “Darlene” left, good. I din’t like her anyway. She won’t be missed at all. Bye…

          1. GoodBYE GILBERT!!People will choose Roseanne ovet her ANYDAY!
            We are sick of this leftist agenda being pushed on us left and right. I dont care if i ever hear (no need to) about gays, lesbians and rest of damned alphabit soup, for the rest of my life! Keep it inside your house doors!!!

      2. I also would love to see ROSEANN back they can always say she went to a detox place to get off the drugs and even Dan didn’t know so now he can divorce what’s her name and be back with Rosie

        1. Yeah, however he couldn’t have married her because he would technically still be married to Rosanne

    1. I agree with you 100%. Sara Gilbert would be a perfect fit on The View. Roseanne made her a star & Sara grew up to spit in her face.

      Frankly, I have not watched The Conner’s since they killed off Roseanne in the 1st episode.

      What is “The Corners” ?

      1. Yes I haven’t watched without her either. Sara Gilbert isn’t all that amazing the show could survive without her for sure

    2. Sara is a star because of her talent. She has great comic timing. She is the whole show. She was great from day one. I liked Roseanne until she went off the deep end, and I like The Connors

    3. Yes! She is totally ungrateful for everything Roseanne actually did for her. She should have never been taken off the show, I was so excited for premier, it was only funny because of her and Dan. Stopped watching when they wrongfully fired her.

  2. I hope she does come back and Darlene can go bye bye she has an attitude problem stopped watching the show cause of her

  3. Love it, love it! I’ll definitely return, but I wish Roseanne would take her money, start a new show and take John with her.

  4. She’s too controversial and I think I’d stay out if the show. 208 million is a lot of money to just throw it all away. She should stand back and let the show develope!! Sorry I loved her when she first appeared but not anymore.

  5. She did nothing even close to what Don Rickles, George Carlin Andrew Dice Clay and a host of others lived on, GTF over it. She’s a damn comedienne for darn sake……….jeez

  6. I haven’t watched the show since Roseanne was removed. I would not watch a commercial with the rest of the crew on it, besides John Goodman. Sarah Gilbert needs to be removed from anything on TV, and so does the VIEW!!!

  7. Yeah bring her back and I’ll probably start watching again.
    Rosanne is a damn comedian people need to get a grip and stop being babies.

  8. Richard Wayne IRVIN

    welcome back, rosanne. millions of us have missed you. it will be great to see you and “dan” together again

  9. The show was Roseanne. I don’t care for Darlene’s character, especially last weeks episode where she tried to force her daughter to have an abortion. That show was terribly written. She could be worried and upset but verbally saying do what I say was wrong. That is a personal responsibility.

  10. Too many people propping themself on a pedestal when Jesus is the only one that was propped up on a Cross. If people call themselves Christian and go make fun of another because the color of their skin, it’s not being a Christian. God made all of us.

  11. This article is not accurate. It’s a sad a Joke of a article. I feel sorry for whoever had anything to do with this. Encluding myself for wasting time reading this fake garbage.

  12. Darlene is the best. I love the whole cast. Roseanne will just ruin everything now because she has changed and needs to get better before she works with people again.

  13. Darlene is the best. I love the whole cast. Roseanne will just ruin everything now because she has changed and needs to get better before she works with people again.

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