“Kathy Griffin made a serious mistake by heckling Gina Carano and nearly ended up being punched by her.”

Looks like, Ms. Griffin did not think about the consequences of her actions.

Gina Carano was signing autographs for fans at a comic convention when Kathy Griffin found it difficult to keep silent and ended up assaulting Carano in front of the crowd.

Do people still believe you play? I think it’s great. I see you had a replica Cara Dune suit made just for the occasion, Griffin squealed.
Griffin immediately looked scared, so Carano responded by dropping her pen, pushing her way through the crowd, and walking right up to Griffin.

“Little Ginger, what were you saying?” Carano asked. Tell you what, please. I will offer you a choice. Would you rather wait until later or do you want me to kick your ass right now?

Griffin was even more startled by the incredibly clever line. After Caran’s supporters laughed and started asking for autographs, she left.
Joe Barron, the event coordinator, stated, “Gina is just trying to get by. I don’t know what her problem is. Her only source of income is from these autographs, and at $3 each, it’s going to make the weekend longer.”

Still, things are looking up for the former Mandalorian actor. She arranged for a sequel to the film she made after The Daily Wire placed an order. According to a source connected to the deal, “This time the budget is double, so he can expect to stretch to almost four figures.”

Congratulations, Gina! You keep letting the leftists know who’s boss! 

This incident between Kathy Griffin and Gina Carano has caused many people to confront each other, with some defending Griffin’s right to free speech and others praising Carano for standing up for herself.
However, the incident also brought to light the problem of celebrity culture and the way some individuals feel entitled to say whatever they want, regardless of how it might affect others. While it’s true that Griffin has a reputation for being outspoken and controversial, many people felt that her attack on Caran was unwarranted and unnecessary.

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