A $14 million contract was signed by Scott Baio to Play “Chachi” in a fresh “Happy Days” storyline.

The role can only be played by him

In the 1970s, Scott Baio became a fan favorite for his role as troubled teenager Chachi on “Happy Days,” which helped launch his successful acting career. However, Baio has received a lot of criticism over the years for portraying a role that some people feel is “cheesy”.

But with the announcement that Ron Howard has hired him in a $14 million deal to play Chachi in a movie about the character’s life, Bai’s career is now taking an unexpected turn.

Howard, who co-wrote the screenplay with Kevin Smith, promises that “It’s going to be a great story,” with humor, tragedy, and redemption.

According to sources, Bai’s real life served as inspiration for the new film. Baio, according to Smith, “is so comically bad in life that he was and always will be the perfect Chachi,” making him the ideal actor to play Chachi.

Baio is excited about the new project but expressed some concerns about the direction of the script. He reportedly told Howard that he doesn’t want his former co-star Nicole Eggert to appear in the movie because it bothers him.

Despite Bai’s concerns, the film is expected to begin shooting soon after he finishes work on the Charles in Charge remake alongside Gina Carano. Baio’s spokesperson, Joe Barron, assured fans that the actor never tried to harass Caran or anyone else he worked with, despite some people expressing concern about Baio’s past behavior.

Baio says his word is his bond and denies any allegations of misconduct. Despite the controversy surrounding his background, Bai is still adored by many fans and his latest film looks set to be a success.

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