Newsmax Owner Claims ‘The View’ Promotes Hate Speech and Files Lawsuit

The owner of Newsmax, Joe Barron, has recently filed a lawsuit against ABC programming’s morning talk show The View. He claims that the show encourages hate speech and discredits the reporting of Newsmax. Barron believes that The View is a “slobbish garbage show” and he is not alone in his opinion. However, his methods of addressing his concerns have raised some serious questions.

Barron’s behavior during a recent interview at a Firehouse Subs in Ocala, Florida, left a lot to be desired. He was dressed in his best Ross casual wear and ordered a large macchiato, but seemed to be talking to air due to the absence of a waitress. When asked about his lawsuit against The View, Barron became defensive and stated that the show debunks nonsense, which makes it difficult for Newsmax to report on it.

Despite the interviewer’s suggestion that Newsmax should avoid reporting on nonsense, Barron defended his network’s reporting and claimed that critical race theory (CRT) is the “bane of existence” and that reporting on America’s racial history is unhealthy.

In an alarming turn of events, Barron stood up and shot the interviewer in the shoulder with a small handgun, before fleeing the scene. He shouted “Florida! Stand your ground! STAND YOUR GROUND!” as he was driven away in his car. The interviewer was left to call 911 for medical assistance.

Barron’s actions have sparked outrage and disbelief, with many questioning his mental stability and ability to run a media network. While it is important to hold media outlets accountable for their content, resorting to violence and making unfounded claims is not the way to address such concerns. The lawsuit against The View will likely be overshadowed by the violent outburst of the Newsmax owner, which has left many wondering about the future of the network.

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