Nicole Kidman’s Catholic Faith and Parenting Choices Spark Debate and Discussion

Actress Nicole Kidman has faced criticism for raising her two daughters, Sunday and Faith, as Catholics and instilling faith in God in them. Kidman was raised in an Irish Catholic household and continues to practice Catholicism, crediting her grandmother as a significant influence in her life.

Despite friends mocking her for her beliefs, Kidman is determined to raise her children with the same values.

In a 2018 interview, Kidman revealed that she had contemplated becoming a nun and is spiritual in the sense that she completely trusts in God.

She acknowledged that her beliefs do not necessarily follow absolutism and that questioning is critical to her, citing her father’s emphasis on tolerance.

Kidman’s daughters do not have phones, and she limits their access to social media, including Instagram. She also has two adopted children, Isabelle and Connor, from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise, who has since become a Scientologist. Although Kidman expressed her love for her children, she became distant from them when they joined Scientology.

However, she wishes to keep her connection with them private and believes that her mission as a mother is to love her children, regardless of their beliefs or choices.

In Kidman’s view, tolerance is essential, and love should be the foundation of all relationships, even when disagreements arise. She understands that her children have reached adulthood and have the ability to make their own choices, including their religious beliefs.

Nonetheless, Kidman remains committed to her Catholic faith and values, passing them on to her children while respecting their freedom to choose their own paths.

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