OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Review: A Solid Successor to the OnePlus Nord 2

A phone that doesn’t cost a fortune and still has all the bells and whistles

This image shows the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G in the hands of a man.
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Pros & Cons

  • Good attractive design
  • 90Hz display
  • Solid performance
  • Top-Notch features
  • Great value for the money
  • Decent battery life
  • An excellent performer
  • Limited support for two generations of Android
  • Mediocre color choices
  • 4K video is not good

This device does everything you want and nothing you don’t. The display quality is fantastic, the build quality is reliable and sleek, the battery life is above average, and it still has all of the cutting-edge features that OnePlus phones are known for. 

In fact, with its 5G capability, there might not be another phone that can match its value until more 5G networks go live across the world in the next few years. If you’re looking for a high-quality, but affordable phone, then you really can’t go wrong with the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G 2022.


The OnePlus Nord 2 was a very popular phone, selling millions of units and winning many awards. Although it didn’t have a great camera or battery life, it excelled in nearly every other category. We’re expecting great things from the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G, and with our test results so far, we’d say that it’s off to a good start! 

The OnePlus Nord 2T is faster than its predecessor in just about every measure possible. The processor is superior and delivers slightly better battery life compared to its predecessor. It also has more RAM which allows it to run some games much smoother than last year’s model while still maintaining low power consumption during periods of idle. 

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is a successor to the company’s previous phone, the OnePlus Nord 2. It has a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The screen is a 6.43-inch AMOLED with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 and at least 90% DCI-P3 color gamut. 

The phone also has a 4,500mAh battery with OnePlus’s fast charge technology that can reach 50% in 30 minutes through its Type-C port. Let’s dive into the detailed review of it!

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Is it a worthy successor? (Premium Value)

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is the latest iteration of the highly successful OnePlus Nord series, and it certainly lives up to the hype. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G features powerful specs, a sleek design, and a reasonable price point. 

So is the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G worth its price tag? To answer that question, let’s take a closer look at the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G specs. The device is equipped with a 6.44-inch display, MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipset, 8/12GB of RAM, 128/256GB of storage, triple rear cameras, and a 4500mAh battery. 

Performance-wise, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G can handle most tasks with ease. With its Dimensity 1300 chipset and 12GB of RAM, the device can handle multitasking and gaming without any hiccups. The device also boasts excellent battery life, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice throughout the day. 

In terms of value, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G offers great value for money. At its price point, the device provides excellent specs and performance, making it a great choice for those looking for an affordable 5G device. 

Overall, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is a solid successor to the OnePlus Nord series. It packs impressive specs and offers great performance at an affordable price point, making it a worthy purchase for those looking for an affordable 5G device.

Well Designed Smartphone

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G feels like a significant improvement from its predecessor. The design is nice and clean without being too flashy. The phone feels slim and light, but not too thin or fragile. It’s made from a single piece of metal, so it has a nice heft to it. 

This image shows the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G in the hands of a man under the sunshine.
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One of my favorite things about the design is that there are no buttons on the front or sides of the phone, which makes it feel even slimmer than it already is. The power button is located on top of the device while there are two volume buttons on either side of it. 

The fingerprint scanner sits below these three buttons and is more convenient than before because it’s easier to access now that it’s been moved down from the rear panel. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is a well-designed phone that has a lot of great features. 

The screen is crisp, easy to use, and does not have any glaring problems. The sound quality was great and can be used for both music and video. I would recommend this phone to people who are looking for something with a high-quality camera that can take pictures in any condition. 

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has a pretty sleek design. The back of it is made out of carbon fiber and does not easily get scratched or damaged. It is a very compact phone that takes great pictures and has enough storage for any type of use. 

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something that can capture memories perfectly or needs a phone with amazing battery life. With a sleek design, impressive performance specs and a lower price tag than its predecessor, this phone has all of the features you would want in an advanced smartphone. 

AMOLED 90Hz Display

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G’s display is a good one. It gets plenty bright, has decent viewing angles, and will be able to last through an entire day of work without needing a charge. What it lacks in pixel density it makes up for with quality. 

The screen doesn’t have any noticeable ghosting or blurring that some cheaper phones have. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has a 6.43-inch AMOLED, 90Hz, HDR10+ display with 1080 x 2400 pixels resolution and an aspect ratio of 20:9 display, which is great for gaming, but not ideal if you don’t want a giant phone. 

This image shows the display of the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G.
Image credit: expertreviews

The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The display looks fantastic and gets pretty bright, but it can get washed out if you’re in direct sunlight, especially at its highest brightness setting. Viewing angles are also a little lacking, with colors looking almost washed out as soon as you change your viewing angle. 

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G display is really bright and gets plenty bright even in sunlight, but it does wash out slightly when viewed at an angle. It gets pretty dim when you turn on Night Mode, but that’s great for reading at night without disturbing those around you. 

The AMOLED panel delivers great black levels and color accuracy, with nice and deep blacks as a result. Overall, it’s one of my favorite displays I’ve seen on a phone in 2022 so far — even if it isn’t as sharp as Samsung’s newer phones with their higher resolution screens.

Specs & Performance

TheOnePlus Nord 2T 5G has a MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chip and an octa-core processor, clocked at 2.6GHz and coupled with a Mali-G77 MC9. It also comes in two variants – one that has 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, while the other has 12GB RAM and 256GB storage space. 

This model is powered by a 4500mAh battery which lasts up to 18 hours in mixed usage on 5G networks. The OnePlus Nord is well built with a sturdy metal frame and Gorilla Glass 5 covering its display. It has a sizeable 6.4-inch FHD+ Super Optic AMOLED screen, which has excellent colors, brightness, and viewing angles. 

The screen is also covered by Corning’s 3D Ultralast Glass, which protects it against scratches caused by keys and coins in your pocket. You can take great photos with its 50MP primary camera and 8MP wide-angle snapper, both of which are well-optimized for HDR. 

As for video recording capabilities, you can capture 4K videos at 30fps with electronic image stabilization (EIS) support for smooth footage when shooting handheld. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G also has a 32MP selfie shooter that captures high-quality selfies with minimal noise. 

The OnePlus Nord is available in different colors – Gray Shadow, Jade Fog White as well as Soft Gold/Mirror Grey/Violet Purple — but note that some color options have been temporarily out of stock since they were launched last month. 

In addition, this phone features three biometric sensors: Face Unlock, Fingerprint Scanner, and In-display Sensor for secure authentication without the need for additional hardware. 

Other features include water resistance and NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity. At ($560), this handset offers good value considering its specifications, performance, build quality, and feature set.

Great Cameras Quality

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has three cameras on the back. The main camera is a 50MP sensor with an f/1.9 aperture, while the secondary is an f/2.2 8MP camera, and the third camera is 2MP depth sensing and low-light shots. 

This image shows the camera quality of the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G.
Image credit: digitaltrends

The front camera is a 32-megapixel sensor with an f/2.4 aperture, which also has a portrait mode feature that blurs out backgrounds for better selfies and can capture HDR images as well. It’s worth noting that this device lacks OIS for both cameras, but we didn’t experience any major issues during our review time with it. 

The 50MP main sensor is definitely one of its key selling points, especially considering it’s a mid-range device, with one downside being that you cannot capture portrait photos with all three cameras at once. However, it’s still fast and responsive, and captures really nice images in daylight or indoors. 

You do get an automatic HDR option for outdoor shots if you’re in need of that feature, which helps boost shadows so they don’t appear dark in your photo. Using Portrait mode with both front and rear cameras yields great results as well — OnePlus did a good job smoothing out skin tones and pulling back on over-sharpening details so that users can always be happy with how their photos look. 

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G’s camera app is easy enough to use, with a couple of useful manual settings like shutter speed and ISO. You also get Portrait Mode, Night Mode, Pro Mode, Time-Lapse video, Slow Motion video, and AR Stickers if you want them. 

There are a lot of options packed in here that we think most users will appreciate — even though it doesn’t have as many options as other flagship devices — but it still does its job well. You can easily adjust basic camera settings like resolution and white balance in just a few taps. 

Great Software Performance & Notable Features

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G runs on Android Android 12, with OnePlus’ Oxygen OS 12.1, and feels quick and smooth no matter what apps you open up. We haven’t experienced any hiccups or lag when using the phone, which is impressive given its price point. 

As mentioned earlier, OnePlus opted not to include OIS for either camera system; this may be due to reducing costs rather than trying to save space inside the phone. 

Given that it’s not designed specifically for photography purposes (unlike phones like Huawei P30), we feel that OnePlus made a wise decision by not including features such as optical image stabilization in order to keep costs down and avoid heavy competition with more expensive devices that offer these features standard. 

OnePlus’ use of Oxygen OS is familiar to OnePlus users and consistent with previous OnePlus phones. The setup is quite simple, with a few additional features that are very welcome additions including screenshot editing (including cropping and annotation), double-tap on the power button for quick camera launch, scrolling screenshots, note taking from within any screen, vertical scrolling of recent apps, fast charging via USB Type-C port with dash charging available for compatible chargers. 

It does not come preloaded with bloatware as some competitors do; however, you may receive notifications of offers or suggestions from time to time based on your usage patterns. If you want to opt-out, there is an option to disable this behavior in settings. 

A great new feature of the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G that has been welcomed by many OnePlus fans is Wi-Fi 802.11 compatibility. The increased bandwidth speeds can help make certain tasks faster than they were before, including downloads, web browsing, and video streaming. 

You can also choose between normal WiFi (with full functionality) or low-power mode while saving battery life – perfect if you don’t need WiFi all day long but need it every now and then! Another great addition comes with a feature called Parallel Apps – now included as part of OxygenOS out of the box.

Price and availability

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is priced at $560 (Factory Unlocked 5G Smartphone Version) and is available through OnePlus’s website, Amazon, and other big retailers. We can’t talk about a product without talking about its price. 

The OnePlus Nord 2T costs $560, making it one of OnePlus’s most budget devices so far. However, with all its features, performance, and design, we think that it’s well worth every penny and more. 


If you have been looking for a truly top-notch smartphone for 2022 at a fairly affordable price range, then look no further than here! It might not be cheap but you will not regret spending your hard-earned money on a good product like OnePlus Nord 2T 5G.

This image shows the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G in the hands of a man.
Image credit: gagdet360

Excellent Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G offers a solid successor to the original OnePlus Nord. With an upgraded dual stereo speaker system, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G specs allow for a clear and powerful sound experience. The bass response is particularly impressive, and it can easily fill a room with audio. 

As far as audio performance goes, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G performs quite well. The music and videos sound great and the call come through clearly and accurately. Even if you’re listening at high volume, the audio stays crisp and clean. Overall, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G indicates that it is a worthy upgrade from its predecessor.

With improved sound quality, better specs, and improved performance, this device is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a mid-range device with premium audio capabilities. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G also features a powerful loudspeaker for an even better sound experience. 

This loudspeaker has been praised in many OnePlus Nord 2T 5G reviews as providing crisp and powerful audio. Whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or making calls, you’ll be able to enjoy the clear and powerful sound with this loudspeaker. 

All in all, it’s clear that OnePlus did an excellent job with their OnePlus Nord 2T 5G specs and performance when it comes to audio. It is certainly a device worth considering if you’re looking for a great sound experience.

Battery life & Charging

The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is a great successor to the OnePlus Nord. It has a 4500 mAh bigger battery and a larger screen that makes it worth upgrading. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has great performance, but it’s not as good as other phones in this price range. 

However, if you’re looking for something more affordable than an Apple phone or Samsung Galaxy, then this is the phone for you. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has a USB Type-C cable that allows you to charge your phone from 0% battery level in only 30 minutes. 

The OnePlus software automatically stops fast charging when your battery is full, which saves you from overcharging and makes sure your battery lasts for a long time. This can be very useful if you’re planning on taking your phone with you on long car journeys or plane rides, where charging stations might not be available. 

You can also buy a portable power bank for extended travel away from an outlet since it supports fast charging and features wireless charging support as well. Overall, it offers better specs, and excellent performance, and packs a powerful battery with up to 20 hours of talk time!

This image shows the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G with it's box.
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Heat system of the phone

When it comes to evaluating the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G’s performance, the heating system of the mobile is a key factor. The OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has a new heat pipe system and a graphene cooling film, making it one of the best devices for keeping temperatures down. 

We’ve tested the device and can confirm that it does an excellent job at dissipating heat away from the chipset, even during heavy gaming sessions. The new heat pipe system works by transferring thermal energy away from the processor and toward the graphene cooling film. 

This helps keep the phone cooler even under extreme load. During our testing, we observed that the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G was able to maintain relatively low temperatures compared to other phones on the market, thanks to its excellent heat management system. 

To summarize, the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G revealed a great heat management system that allows it to stay cool under extreme loads. This should make it an ideal choice for those who like to play intense games or use their phones for heavy multitasking. 

It’s a small but important addition to the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G specs, making it an even more compelling purchase option when considering its already impressive performance capabilities.

Overall Final Verdict – Should you buy it?

The specs and performance of the device speak for themselves, and the device is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a mid-range smartphone. The display is bright and vibrant, and the device packs plenty of power for multitasking, streaming, and gaming. 

Plus, you get some top-notch camera features and a long-lasting battery. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable 5G phone with good specs and features, then the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is definitely worth checking out. With its sleek design and good performance, it’s sure to make a great addition to any smartphone user’s collection. 

In conclusion, we hope this OnePlus Nord 2T 5G review has been informative and helped you make your decision on whether or not it’s worth purchasing. With its solid specs, performance, and features, we think this device is definitely worth considering. Thanks for reading! If you still have any questions in your mind so feel free to comment down below!

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