Rittenhouse Wins $80 Million in Defamation Lawsuit Against Goldberg

On March 7th, 2023, Judge Sandy Batt rendered her decision in the lawsuit brought by Kyle Rittenhouse against Whoopi Goldberg and her colleagues on The View. Rittenhouse, who gained national attention during his high-profile trial in 2021, accused Goldberg and her co-hosts of making false statements to the media and character assassination during their coverage of the trial. Seeking $80 million in damages, Rittenhouse was awarded the full amount he sought by Judge Batt after only sixteen minutes of deliberation.

The ruling means that Goldberg’s Beverly Hills mansion, known as “Ten Forward” and valued at over $35 million, will be liquidated to satisfy the judgement. The mansion boasts twelve bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, a pool, sauna, basketball court, bowling alley, and a four-foot circumference golf course. The decision was undoubtedly a shock to Goldberg, who appeared stunned in court and immediately announced her intention to appeal the ruling. However, she was promptly taken into custody and tied to a large crucifix before being shot three times by Rittenhouse, who claimed self-defense.

For his part, Rittenhouse was ecstatic at the outcome of the case. In a statement to reporters gathered outside the courthouse, he expressed his excitement at his newfound wealth and all the activities he plans to enjoy in his new mansion. “I got me a great big house, now,” he beamed enthusiastically. “I’m gonna play laser tag inside and masturbate all day to John Wick movies and eat plenty of cheez whiz casseroles! Yahoo!”

The case has already generated significant controversy and attention on social media, with many people expressing outrage at the ruling and the violent act that followed. Others have praised Rittenhouse for his successful lawsuit and celebrated his newfound wealth. Regardless of one’s opinion on the case, it is clear that the ruling has significant implications for both Rittenhouse and Goldberg, and may have a lasting impact on the legal landscape around defamation and character assassination in the media.

7 thoughts on “Rittenhouse Wins $80 Million in Defamation Lawsuit Against Goldberg”

  1. whoopi knows better about defaming a person she always has kept her comments to herself what happened? I expected this from Joy but whoopi wow im shocked and hope this will make whoopi realize not to say anything in front of a camera thats against anyone..let Joy take the heat she deserves it more..Whoopi think about this if it was meant for you to keep the mansion you would of its time to relax with smaller and less …Go back to stand up you were great there loved you or movies ..THE View is for Joy ..let her have it….and smile and enjoy life..

  2. You people should be sued for spreading unsubstantiated, ignorant lies. Rittenhouse did NOT WIN any lawsuit against Ms. Goldberg not any others.

  3. I happy that Whoopie and “The View” are finally having to pay something for talking and opening their mouths to things they should keep to themselves until it has been proven in court.

  4. The author of this story is a gross ignorant individual. Should never write an article again. I hope Rittenhouse takes all of them to the cleaners, then go after Chaudry Badar for writing this article

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