Surprise Proposal: Mom’s Heartwarming Reaction to Message on Newborn’s Onesie

Chad and Lauren welcomed their new baby girl, Everly, into the world in November of 2014. However, Chad had a surprise planned to make the day even more memorable.

Approximately 24 hours after Everly’s birth, Chad executed his secret plan. He made sure that Lauren noticed the surprise message on Everly’s onesie that read, “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?” In addition to the message, Chad had affixed a ring to the onesie. Lauren was taken aback and surprised by the proposal.

Chad had meticulously planned the proposal and had even enlisted Lauren’s cousin’s help in creating the idea before Everly’s birth. Chad and Lauren’s family were in on the secret and were present in the hospital room during the proposal. Even the nurses were informed and helped to ensure that everything went smoothly.

The proposal happened while Lauren was changing Everly’s diaper. Her aunt had been holding the baby and informed Lauren that the baby had a dirty diaper. Lauren proceeded to unwrap the blanket to change Everly’s diaper, and her family urged her to show them the baby without the blanket.

When Lauren unwrapped the blanket, she saw the message and was overjoyed. She immediately asked if it was really happening and said yes when Chad proposed. The proposal was a touching moment that made an already special day even more unforgettable.

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