Teachers accused a mother of lying about her twin girls being sisters because they had different skin colors.

From birth, Marcia and Millie Biggs were similar. The majority of people are shocked to learn they are twins.

In July 2006, Amanda and Michael Biggs gave birth to twin girls. They promised to love them for the rest of their lives and were overjoyed.

Like most twin parents, Amanda and Michael soon realized that their kids had quite distinct personalities. Yet as the months went by, they started to notice a strange phenomenon. One of the twins’ skin was noticeably altering.

At first, Millie’s ears and fingers started to darken. She suddenly had this skin tone all over her body.

Marcia’s parents assumed that her skin would also tan. It actually started to get lighter.

Naturally, there would never be a problem with Michael and Amanda’s skin tone. They were a mixed-race couple after all. Yet they were worried about what people would think of them

Racial tensions have a long history in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The twins’ skin-shifting phenomenon was finally revealed to the parents as being extremely unique. One in a million pairs of identical twins develop atavism.

It resulted from the genetic differences between the parents. Most importantly, Amanda and Michael learned that the disease will not have a negative impact on their health.

Marcia and Millie caused quite a sensation when their skin tones changed. For instance, Amanda noticed that people would ponder how they could be twins considering their different races as she was pushing them around in a pram.

Thankfully, Amanda and Michael have learned that the majority of people haven’t been hostile. Instead, they have displayed a comprehensible level of attention and then tolerance.

Due to the twins’ differing skin tones, the other students questioned them about the same things when they went to school. The majority of the other students initially believed the two were just good friends. The kids were equally puzzled and receptive when they learned that Marcia and Millie were twins.

Even now, the sisters remain close friends. They claim to carry out nearly everything together.

Both dancing and singing appeal to them. They do, however, have a variety of personal tastes and fashion preferences. Millie favors more feminine tastes. Marcia enjoys gymnastics and considers herself a bit of a tomboy.

According to the twins, they have never experienced racism. On the other hand, their father insists that he has. He has learned how far society has come by watching his twin kids thrive.

The twins made the decision to use their unique Genetics to fight prejudice on a worldwide scale when they were 11 years old. They appeared in an advertisement showing how race is a social construct.

Now in their twenties, the twins. At the same school, they are still classmates. However, they will enroll in a college or university in the upcoming years. They’ll probably move to various cities if not different nations.

No matter what happens in the future, the two ladies will always remain close friends.
Hopefully, Marcia and Millie will live happy and successful lives. They’ve already shown that race has no bearing on an individual.

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