Woman asks cheating husband’s new girlfriend to enjoy her “secondhand goods” by leaving her wedding dress on the porch.

A woman named Karen Dineen 57 from Essex discovered that her husband Terry Lovell 53 was having an affair with her long-time friend Carol Mitchell. Karen was devastated and upset by this discovery.

She was married to Terry for 19 years and their families were closely connected through their children and then-husband Carol, who was also Karen’s art instructor. Karen had suspected Terry of infidelity for some time but only confirmed it when she saw the messages on his phone.

After they separate and Karen is cleaning out their home, she finds her wedding dress and decides to leave it on Carol’s front porch, noting that she wishes her well but also calls her “Secondhand Items”.

Karen expressed her anger towards her husband’s affair by leaving a sarcastic note along with the wedding dress on Carol’s front porch. The note suggested that Carol might appreciate the dress because she loved “second-hand things” and referred to Terry as a “spawn of the devil” and “scum”.

Karen also mentioned that Terry never told her he didn’t love her anymore, which was hurtful. Karen and Carol became friends after meeting Terry, and Carol’s husband also socialized with them. Karen believes that Terry and Carol are still together and that Terry will end up hurting Carol as well.

Karen notices her wedding dress while packing up her home and decides to leave it on Carol’s front porch to show her anger toward Terry’s affair. She felt excited and empowered by this act, much like a child at Christmas. Karen and Carol were friends for 25 years and Karen was married to Terry for 19 years before they split due to his infidelity.

Karen has been single since then for four years and replaced Terry with a Chihuahua who is more obedient, devoted, and clean. She feels that the separation has benefited her and does not desire or love Terry. As soon as Karen saw the incriminating text messages, she knew the relationship was over.

Karen says she would appreciate Terry more if he was honest with her about his feelings instead of committing adultery. She didn’t know about the affair until she discovered it herself and believes her friends and neighbors should have told her. Karen became suspicious of Terry’s infidelity when she observed him preparing to go out and making excuses to return to work.

She found invoices for two bottles of Terry’s perfume, but only received one, and was also given a ‘guilty’ £700 diamond ring for Christmas, leading her to suspect he had another girlfriend.

Karen cracked the code to Terry’s phone while he was in the shower and read private messages, confirming her suspicions. She also noticed that Terry had changed his phone’s PIN code, which was another warning sign for her.

After Terry and Carol broke up in 2015, Karen decided to distance herself from them and tried to avoid any contact. She even changed her last name from Lovell to Dineen via deed poll, which was her maiden name. Karen claims that she left the wedding dress on Carol’s front porch, but has not heard from her because Carol has changed her phone number.

Karen seemed to have a vengeful mindset as she prepared to see Terry’s true colors when he finally showed them. She also believed that Carol was completely unaware of the situation she was in and that the grass was always greener on the other side. Despite the bitterness, Karen opted for a name change rather than divorce, which would have been more expensive.

When asked about his infidelity, Terry tried to shift the blame to Karen, saying, “Ask [Karen] what she would like to live with and you might really understand why people cheat on her.” This reaction not only shows a lack of responsibility but also reveals Terry’s negative attitude toward his own actions.

Infidelity can have a devastating impact on a relationship, causing emotional distress and loss of trust. It is important to remember that cheating is never justifiable and can cause serious damage to a person’s self-esteem and mental health. While Karen’s reaction may seem extreme, it is understandable why she would feel hurt and betrayed. In situations like these, communication and seeking professional help can help individuals cope with the consequences of infidelity. It’s also important to remember that every person deserves to be treated with respect and kindness in relationships, and cheating should never be normalized or justified.

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